Knee High to a Grape

3P Preshave
Whipped Dog 24mm High Mountain
Caties Bubbles Knee High to a Grape
Ender Speed Razor and blade (1)
Clubman Vanilla Aftershave

Finished off with the Clog Pruf as this old blade was quite tuggy. I’ve given it a hand stropping for another try. It seems to cut arm hair fine.

Great smelling soap that I picked up at the weekend. The usual excellent performance from Catie’s Bubbles.

All rounded off with a splash of Clubman Vanilla, love this scent.

Razorocktober continues

Continuing the Razorocktober theme with at least one product per shave. I’ve decided to blog more shaves per post on the blog.

Thursday 8th October
Whipped Dog High Mountain 24mm
Razorock San Valentino
Schick Adjustable @ 7
Schick Twin blade (1)
Arko Gold Power aftershave

First try of these twin blades, very nice blades indeed. I’m really liking the whipped dog brush. It worked up a really nice creamy lather with the San Valentino soap. Good results all round.

Saturday 10th October
Razorock Chubby
Reef Point Espresso
Mongoose with Captain Sharp blade (5)
J├╝rgen Hempel Ti
YSL Le Nuit De L’Homme balm and EDT

Following the Razorocktober theme using the Razorock Chubby brush with the Espresso soap from Reef Point. The mongoose got the job done easy with the captain blade which didn’t seem as bad as it had previously. Nice slick lather from the coffee scented soap helped a lot. The scent of the soap is mostly coffee with a sweet caramel type of scent in the background. I’d say it was more cappuccino than espresso but either way it’s nice.

Finished off with a bit of the YSL balm just because it was there next to the EDT. A nice scent but it doesn’t seem to last more than a few hours on me. Even using the balm as well didn’t increase the longevity of the scent.

Sunday 11th October
Omega 49
Reef Point Fougere Santal
Fatip Grande
Lab Blue (4)
Razorock Baby Blue aftershave

Nice shave to finish off the week and prepare for the week ahead. I was trying to kill off this sample of the Reef Point soap that I stuck in this oversized coffee mug a while ago. Didn’t quite kill it off so one more shave left in the mug. Great scent to this soap and I’ve got a tub coming as a present for me for Christmas. Usual great Reef Point lather with the nice fougere type scent with a bit of sandalwood. This pairs up very nicely with Brut as an aftershave but today I kept with Razorocktober and used the baby blue splash. That was it for this blade. I could tell towards the end of the shave it was past its best so in the blade bank it went.

Well that’s another few shaves down out of Razorocktober, I’ve managed quite well so far. I’ve been putting some thought into using some products in a small rotation of products which should hopefully help get some soap used up. As part of this I’ve stored a lot of soap away in a box out of the way to only use once I’ve put a dent in what’s left out. I’m thinking of taking that a step further by narrowing it down to three soaps to use for as long as possible. I’ll see how that goes and it might not make for good reading on the blog and posts might not be as regular but I’ll keep on posting pictures on Instagram along the way anyway.

Razorocktober Begins

So now we hit October and everyone starts using Razorock products for the month, so I’m going to join in with at least one Razorock item per shave.

Saturday 3rd October
3P Preshave
Old Spice Boar Brush
Razorock XX
Fatip Grande
Lab Blue (1)
Razorock Baby Blue aftershave

2 Razorock items used today and good results were had. The XX sample was sent to me a while back and it was really nice. Once I get through some Razorock soaps I’ll be ordering this one.

Sunday 4th October
3P preshave
Whipped Dog High Mountain Badger
Razorock Santa Maria del Fiore Firenze
Fatip Grande
Lab Blue (2)
Figaro Gold aftershave

Another nice shave with the above, nice mild menthol tingle with this soap and a great scent. This really does perform well.

Ikon SB & Gillette Swede

Village Barber Oil
Whipped Dog 24mm High Mountain
Razorock Son of Zeus
Ikon SB
Gillette Swede (1)
Fine Clean Vetiver

Saturday’s shave was the above setup. First try of this brush and soap. Very impressed by both of these and got a very slick lather. Nice BBS shave before heading off to a party that night. I used the Clean Vetiver to finish off and compliment the Tom Ford Grey Vetiver EDT I was going to wear. I’ll have to get the Fresh Vetiver at some point which is a closer match.

My usual Sunday night shave didn’t happen. I seemed to have picked up a bug so went to bed early yesterday to rest up. So today’s shave was:

Village Barber Oil
Restored Rubberset 24mm Silvertip
Soap Commander Passion
Ikon SB
Gillette Swede (2)
Figaro Gold aftershave

This is what I needed after feeling sick the last 24 hours, a good shave.

Nice slick protective lather from the soap commander soap as ever.

I had to be a bit careful round a couple of spots on my neck. The SB can be quite aggressive so I didn’t want to nick myself.

I had a quick splash of witch hazel before a splash of the Figaro Gold aftershave. I wanted to try to clear the spots a bit with the witch hazel.

My skin feels good now, nice and soft and smooth. I still feel a bit rough with this bug but I’m hoping I can shift it soon.

Reef Point Admiralty

3P preshave
The Big Shave Super Silvertip
Reef Point Admiralty
Captain Sharp Blade (4)
Fine L’orange Noir after shave

Nice lather from the Reef Point soap and one of my favourite brushes.

The scent to me is a citrus orange scent with a nice bit of woody spice in the background. The usual slick thick lather you get from Reef Point soaps. Definitely recommend trying out one of these soaps as they perform excellently.

I’m not impressed by the captain blades. They just aren’t as good as the feather pro for me and seem to get blunt faster.

Apart from the blade a good shave was had and I’m smelling good after a splash of the Fine aftershave.

I also had a nice brush turn up from whipped dog along with my knot for the rubberset I’m restoring. I’m looking forward to giving this a go soon.