Soap Commander Resolution


Proraso White Preshave
Stirling Synthetic
Soap Commander Resolution
Gem (6)
Ikon 102
English Wilkinson Sword (8)
Razorock The Beach aftershave

Decided the gem blade had seen better days after the first pass so grabbed the closest razor to finish off the last two passes.

As it’s very nearly Christmas I thought it was an idea time to get the Soap Commander Resolution out. A great have followed which is to be expected with any soap commander soap. The shea butter always leaves my skin feeling nice and soft.

I have a few new aftershave samples to try out and today was Razorock The Beach. This has a really nice scent and a good menthol kick as well. Very nice stuff and a great scent.

SOTD 22.10.15 & 20.10.15

3P preshave
Simpsons Duke 3 best badger
Razorock – Fresco
Schick Dial @ 7
Schick Twin blade (3)
Taylor of Old Bond Street St James aftershave

Still trying to stick to my 3 soap rotation, as hard as that may be. I’ve feel off the wagon a bit and bought a few soaps and razor handles yesterday but they were at a very good price.

Whipped up a nice larger with the Duke and Fresco combo today, this is a very underrated soap and definitely one I can recommend if you want to try out a good quality artisan soap. A word of warning though it’s a deep rabbit hole to get into and you’ll want to try them all, think of this as a gateway drug.

Nice slick lather with a fresh kind of scent with a touch of cool mint, definitely a nice scent in my opinion.

The Schick glided round my face with ease and left me with a near bbs finish.

Rounded off with a splash of the St James aftershave splash from Taylor of Old Bond Street. Again a really nice fresh and rich scent that lasts a good while and really does leave the skin with a nice soft feeling. The TOBS aftershaves leave a great post shave feel. If you ever get the chance to visit their shop in London make sure you have a good smell of their scents.

3P preshave
Stirling Synthetic shaving brush
Tiki Bar Soaps – The Captain
Gillette Red Tip
Gillette 7 o’clock Yellow (3)
Myrsol Formula C

This is the third soap of my three soap rotation, one with tallow! This is a very nice scented soap which has a cherry tobacco type scent but is quite sweet smelling as well.

Very good skin care from all the good ingredients in this soap, it leaves the skin feeling very well nourished.

Easy to whip up a really thick lather with the huge “kong” brush from Stirling Soaps. Very nice results with the Red Tip and again very close to a true BBS. The blade felt good throughout but I binned it after this shave just to not risk a bad shave. I have plenty of these blades so no point trying to squeeze another shave out of them. They were one of the first blades I bought in bulk and I remember getting quite a few shaves per blade back then.

Finished off with a sample of the Myrsol Formula C splash, good skin feel with no alcohol burn at all and a violet scent much like the old Parma Violets sweets you got as a kid. I never liked those sweets much and I couldn’t see me getting a full bottle, but if you do like them you’d love this aftershave.

Shannons Lady Luck

Trumpers Lime Skinfood
Stirling Synthetic brush
Shannons Lady Luck
Feather Pro (9)
Myrsol Antesol
YSL La Nuit de L’ Homme EDT

Not the best shave today. I can’t really pinpoint why. The lather looked good, usual prep also. I thought it might have been the blade and even switched from the mongoose to the Aristocrat on the side with a once used Sputnik blade which seemed fine on my last shave but still rough today. I guess it was just one of those days.

Still a nice cooling splash of Antesol sorted me out with a nice menthol hit. It’s getting chilly outside and I was even eyeing up the scuttle today. It won’t be long I’m sure.

A couple of squirts of the YSL EDT later on to give myself something nice to smell for the rest of the evening.

MWF shave no 6

Trumpers Lime Skinfood
Stirling Synthetic brush
i coloniali rhubarb shave cream
Feather Pro (1)
Pinaud Clubman Vanilla aftershave

First shave back home after my few days away. It was nice to be shaving at home again. I did have my 5th MWF shave yesterday morning before I packed up to leave but had no time to post.

I’ve gotten a little bored of the fat’s scent so have been adding some of my lesser used creams to pep up the scent a bit. Today I used the i coloniali rhubarb cream which has a smoky scent and I think I detected a tiny bit of menthol too. I got this cream as part of a job lot of stuff I bought a while back and used it once and put it away as it wasn’t keen on the smokey scent. I quite liked the scent today though.

First use of the Stirling brush which was waiting for me on my return along with a few other shaving purchases including some of Shannon’s soaps which smell very nice.

The brush is huge and feels just like a giant plisson brush. I like this brush a lot after just one use, I’m very impressed.

I loaded up the brush for about 15 seconds from the MWF that had been soaking while I showered. I spread about 3/4″ of cream on my face and set to work face lathering. It took a few dips of water to get the lather where I wanted it and I soon had a huge amount of the thickest lather I’ve seen in a while.

The brush has really nice flow through and releases the lather nicely on your face. I’m thinking this might just edge my beloved plisson as my favourite brush.

I loaded up the Mongoose with a fresh feather pro blade and got a nice close shave in 3 passes. I was going to use a feather super blade but chickened out at the last minute and went with the pro blade.

I finished off with a splash of the Clubman Vanilla aftershave which always leaves my skin feeling nice. The scent is quite nice on this and I prefer it over the original Clubman scent but I wouldn’t say it’s strongly scented of vanilla but very nice all the same.