Wm Neumann & Co Old Fashioned Soda

3P preshave
Stirling Kong
Wm Neumann & Co Old Fashioned Soda
Standard Razor
English Wilky (6)
Myrsol Formula C aftershave

First go with this soap I picked up a few weeks back. There seems to be a lot of skin friendly ingredients in this soap including one I’ve not tried in a soap, marshmallow root.

The scent to me smells like a mixture of root beer, Dr Pepper and Coca Cola. But somehow not all at once, it seemed to keep changing scent as I shaved. Here is what it says on their website regarding the scent:

William Neumann’s famous Old-Fashioned Soda formula is taken straight from his formulary notes dated 1908. It’s a secret combination of Orange, Lemon, Nutmeg, Coriander, Neroli, Cinnamon, Wintergreen, Clove, Birch, Star Anise, and Vanilla

A nice performance from the soap and a unique scent at least compared to what I have currently. Whipped up a nice lather with the Stirling Kong brush which I feel is like a cross between a Plisson and Omega Pro brush using the best of both brushes. Good slickness and the lather didn’t break down over my 3 passes. Post shave felt really good as well.

I finished off with a good splash of the Myrsol Formula C aftershave sample I’ve had for a while. As with all Myrsol splashes the post shave skin feel is great. This isn’t a scent for me so I wouldn’t get a full bottle but the scents on most don’t hang around long. Of those I have tried the Agua de Balsamica and Antesol seem to have the longest lasting scent.

Mikes Vetiver


3P preshave
Thater 4125/1
Mikes Natural Soaps – Vetiver
Standard Razor
English Wilkinson Sword (4)
Fine Accoutrements Clean Vetiver aftershave

Amidst the storm they have named Barney here in the UK I had a really good shave with this new to me soap. It’s insanely windy outside, this storm is nothing like the big purple dinosaur.

On to the shave and I have to say this has gone right up there with my favourite shaving soap scents. On first sniff from the tin I wasn’t too sure but in use this smells great. A true vetiver scent which is dark, smokey and grassy. While using it I was reminded of Guerlian’s Vetiver EDT.

The performance was typical of a Mikes soap, you don’t often hear much from Mike, I guess he lets his soaps do the talking. It a no nonsense soap that is right up there at the top in performance for me, just a notch below Stirling in that all important (to me) slickness department. I have heard some people having issues getting a good lather from this soap but I think you need to know it’s a very thirsty soap.

My usual technique is to put some water on the puck while having a shower and then squeeze out as much water as possible. I then load up a good amount of soap then dip the brush tips in water and load some more. Then face lather adding drops of water along the way until you get a good thick slick lather with plenty of shine to it. The key thing I think is to slowly add water and work it into the lather. The sheen on the lather will tell you when it’s ready.

Good close results with the Standard and made in England Wilkinson Sword blade today, with the Mikes lather it felt like there wasn’t even a blade in the razor.

Rounded off the shave with more vetiver with a good splash of the Fine Clean Vetiver aftershave, great scent and nice big menthol hit. What better way to finish off a great shave.

Le Piment de la Vie

Sweet Comb Chicago Beard Oil
VP Leonhardy best badger
Caties Bubbles LPV
Standard Razor
English Wilkinson Sword (3)
Clarins aftershave

Another good shave tonight with the above setup. The brush is a little too prickly for my liking but on the painting strokes it feels fine. I’ll use it some more but think I’ll probably reknot it as the handle is beautiful.

Good results with the LPV which delivered the usual great lather and a really nice scent.

The Sweet Comb Chicago beard oil worked really well as a pre shave oil. I figured from the ingredients it would work and it did.

I finished off with a splash of the Clarins aftershave which does leave my skin feeling good.

That was a nice close smooth shave and my skin feels really soft.

Razorock Chubby & P160


3P preshave
Razorock Chubby Silvertip
Razorock P160
Standard Razor
English Wilkinson Sword (2)
Fine American Blend aftershave

A really good shave today after a nice long soak in a hot shower, it’s got quite chilly outside so I was glad of warming up.

After squeezing out all the water from the chubby and loading up for about 20 seconds I had plenty of soap in the bristles to begin face lathering. This is a very nice soap that lathered up well with a few drops of water as I went along. It has a really nice cherry almond scent that reminds me of the cocktail cherries you get in a jar, I used to love eating those when I was little.

This has the usual great Razorock performance, thick, slick lather with a nice amount of residual slickness. No irritation which was a bonus as I’d heard it didn’t get on with some people’s skin.

The Standard Razor and English Wilky blade glided around effortlessly and left me with a BBS result.

I fancied finishing off with my favourite scented aftershave to date the Fine Accoutrements American Blend, which is based on YSL Rive Gauche. Nice scent which I’m still smelling around 6 hours later, great cooling menthol hit too.

Sweet Comb Chicago Shaving Soap


3P preshave
Stirling Kong synthetic
Sweet Comb Chicago Shaving Soap
Standard Razor
English Wilkinson Sword blade (1)
Floid Blue aftershave

First try of this new soap sent for review. The ingredients list is like a who’s who of great skincare ingredients and post shave my skin feels good.

It’s quite a hard soap but leaving it to soak while I had a shower meant it loaded easily with the Stirling synthetic brush.

A quick load of about 20 seconds and face lathering adding a little water at a time and I had a nice thick protective lather with plenty of glide.

The scent is quite light and natural smelling, hints of citrus and something quite sweet. Certainly not a synthetic scent and I’m told the scent comes from the flowers the honey bees collect their nectar from.

Overall a good soap I’d be happy to recommend. Check out the Sweet Comb Chicago website for more information. I even learnt a few facts about the bees reading through.

The Standard and Wilky blade combo delivered a BBS result tonight. Got my cooling menthol hit from the Floid Blue too

OSP Bay Rum shave

3P preshave
Thater 4125/1
Obsessive Soap Perfectionist Bay Rum
Standard Razor
Polsilver Stainless (4)
Home Made Bay Rum aftershave

Great shave today with this soap from a new UK artisan soap maker from London in the UK. Nice to see an artisan from the UK producing a quality soap.

I’ve picked up 3 of James soaps, the Neroli, Sandalwood and Bay Rum. I’d have to say my favourite scent is the Neroli and I’ve used all 3 now so have a good idea how it performs. I also was involved in testing out some of the previous versions of this soap when James was refining his formula.

Onto the performance of the soap, I’ve found that a damp brush loaded up with a nice amount of soap face lathered adding water along the way develops a nice thick, slick protective lather. The soap is quite thirsty and very tolerant of taking on a lot of water, even with my hard water. No issues loading or lathering this one, it’s pretty fool proof.

It’s quite a hard soap but you can put a dent in it with your finger, a soft hard soap or a hard soft soap.

The scent of the bay rum is very nice and prominent throughout the shave. I’m not the biggest bay rum fan but do like this one. It’ll be interesting to see what future scents James develops.

For today’s I used the Thater and got a great lather, the standard razor had no problems mowing down two days growth but I feel this blade has served it’s purpose and is now in the blade bank.

All finished off with a splash of my home made bay rum aftershave with a good strong menthol hit to round off a really nice shave.

If you’re looking to try out one of James’ soaps check out OSP soaps

Irisch Moos Full Tilt

Myrsol Emulsion
New Forest 1901 2 Band Badger brush
Irisch Moos Shaving Cream
Standard Razor Raw
Vintage Wilkinson (8)
Irisch Moos Aftershave

I decided to get out the tube of Irisch Moos cream today in my quest to use up some creams this week. I don’t believe this cream is made anymore just like the soap but it seems the aftershave and balm are still available. It’s quite a good cream which lathers up easily with the very green mossy smell of Irisch Moos. I quite like the smell which just seems clean and soapy to me. The cream does smell a little more medicinal than the aftershave which is quite fresh.

Today was the eighth shave off this old made in England Wilkinson blade and I felt like it had just lost its edge a little. When there blades were released their selling point was that a blade would last a whole week and I do find I get 7 good shaves from these blades. I can usually only get 3 or 4 from a modern blade.

The Standard still performs well even with a blade past its prime. A nice razor that is well worth picking up.

So to finish off the Irisch Moos shave I used the matching aftershave which did sting just a little bit. A sure sign the blade has lost its edge.

Yesterday after a long hot day I just had a quick 2 pass shave to look a little more presentable today. The setup was the shame apart from the cream which was the cooling Ingrams cream and a quick splash of Osage Rub. A very cooling shave after a day where the weather was over 30 degrees. Well that’s me done until Saturday, have a good Friday everyone.

An Unintentional Tobacco Tuesday

Myrsol Emulsion preshave
Feuilles de Tabac shaving cream
New Forest 1901 2 band badger brush
Mongoose with Dr Bomber handle
Kai Sharp Blade (3)
Standard Razor
Vintage Wilkinson (?)
Versace Dreamer aftershave

I only just realised I used tobacco scented products today and it’s Tuesday, so this has to be my first Tobacco Tuesday shave!

I’ve also set myself a task to use more creams to get the stash down a bit as these days I prefer a soap or croap.

I bought this cream on sale a while ago in TK Maxx purely as I had heard good things about the scent and performance and I’d say it’s really good stuff. I’d definitely clear the shelves if I saw more on sale.

There is no mention of using a brush on the packaging so it may be a brushless cream but it certainly lathers well with a brush and water. I used quite a bit just in case but ended up with about twice the lather I actually needed.

This brush is a strong favourite of mine and it’s no longer made, after a soak in warm water while I showered and it lathered up the cream in the suribachi bowl with ease. This brush has great backbone and really soft tips.

The scent of the cream is nice with a tobacco flower scent with a little bit of spice, it’s a really classy scent. It has good cushion and glide, maybe not as good a glide as a soap, but good for a cream.

I started out with the mongoose but the blade seemed really blunt and just wouldn’t cut through the stubble so after the first pass I reached for the nearest razor, my Standard with a vintage made in England Wilkinson blade which I’ve lost count of the number of shaves I’ve had from it. It’s still going strong anyway!

After 3 passes I was nice and smooth and looking for a nice aftershave scent to finish off. What better than the tobacco scented Versace Dreamer, I’ve had this bottle for years but have only recently come to appreciate the scent, must be my age. The scent lasts for ages and leaves my skin feeling good.

Soapy Bathman Desperado

Myrsol Emulsion
The BiG Shave Super Silvertip
Soapy Bathman Desperado
Feather Artist Club SS
Standard Razor
English Wilkinson (4)
Home Made Bay Rum with menthol

Another try with the feather today just for one pass and the final two passes with the Standard Razor.

First try of the Soapy Bathman Desperado scent and I like this more than the Cigar Lounge. Around 30 seconds loading the brush was enough to get a nice amount of soap in the bristles of the damp brush. Face lathering adding a few drops of water got the lather just where I liked it, nice and thick and slick. A good scent on this with leather being the main note with some nice spicy and cologne type scents backing this up with a bit and sandalwood too I think. Not an overpowering scent but just enough to detect throughout the shave. After the shave I’d say I still had enough lather in the brush for another pass.

First stroke of the blade and I got that same feeling as using the Cigar Lounge in that it seems to have really good glide for the razor to cut through the stubble.

An ok first with the grain pass with the feather, but I wonder if this part used blade from a few months back when I borrowed a Mongoose is past its best. I’ll be trying a new pro guard blade for the next shave. I did manage to open up the nick on my cheek from yesterday but nothing major blood wise.

It was a relief to use a DE razor for the rest of the shave and the Standard never disappoints.

After the rugged manly scent of the soap I thought what better combo than some homemade Bay Rum aftershave and as its a hot day today I dropped a menthol crystal in to melt before my shower. Nice and spicy with a slight cooling kick, more menthol needed maybe. I’ve added a few drops of Osage Rub to it to see if that makes it nice and chilly for future use.

Le Père Lucien & Standard Razor

Myrsol Emulsion as preshave
The Big Shave LE 2014 Super Silvertip
Le Père Lucien Traditional scent
Standard Razor Black
English Wilkinson Sword blade
Myrsol Agua Balsamica aftershave

Great shave today with the above combo. Last time I used this sample of LPL I was away on holiday and didn’t get time to blog about it. Good shave today again with it but I think I had a bit of trouble loading from the sample with my super silvertip brush. Previously I had used my 2 band New Forest badger brush which has a bit more backbone and a smaller knot. I’m going to try my Omega boar brush next time to see if that makes a difference.

I find this soap is really good and performs much better than MdC but with a similar herby mint scent. The lather is nice and slick and post shave feel is very good, not at all drying. When I had MdC before although it lathered easily I found it lacked slickness and dried my skin out.

Another great shave with the Standard Razor, it’s fast becoming my favourite razor and I’ve just ordered a second one in the raw finish with the stand on Massdrop which was a bargain. Although it’s a light razor I find myself BBS every time I use it with no hint of irritation. The vintage made in England Wilkinson blade is still going well on what I think is shave number 6 although I think it’s beginning to dull a bit now, I’ll try it for one more shave which may be its last.

Finished off with the Myrsol Agua Balsamica aftershave which is a good match to the scent of the LPL soap as its herby with a very refreshing menthol kick. As with all Myrsol splashes they leave the skin feeling great and the scent is still lingering now.