In the Diamond with Barrister and Mann

Crown King Switchback 400
Barrister and Mann Diamond
Seygus safety razor
Polsilver SI (2)
Speick aftershave
Lacoste Live EDT

Final shave with the Diamond before sending it back to my friend. I got a good slick lather built up with the Switchback 400 with the freshly cut grass scent in the air.

I’d put a shim in the Seygus to see if that made for a more aggressive shave and it did. Much more to my liking and a closer result followed.

I don’t think I have a suitable aftershave to match this soap so I just got some Speick out for a refreshing splash after my shave. The Speick always leaves my skin feeling good.

Quick spray of the Lacoste Live EDT and I’m good for the rest of the night.

Speick Week Day 3

Epsilon 2 band badger brush
Speick shaving cream
Ikon 101 on Mongoose handle
Gillette Silver Blue (2)
Brit Sports Style aftershave

Third day of Speick week today and I went for the Speick cream. Nice lather from this cream but maybe not as slick as the soap stick.

The ikon and mongoose handle pairing is working well, just the right balance of handle length and weight and the ikon head provides a mild but effective finish.

Rounded off with a good splash of the Brut Sports Style aftershave which did sting a bit. Maybe the cream isn’t as protective as the soap. Nice fresh modern scent from this aftershave which is nothing like the original, the scent hangs around for quite a while too.

Speick Week Day 2

Proraso Red Preshave
Epsilon 2 Band Badger brush
Speick shaving stick
Ikon 101 on Mongoose handle
Gillette Silver Blue (1)
Fine Accoutrements Fresh Vetiver

Second day of Speick week today. Again just rubbing the stick on my wet face and lathering up from there. A new brush today which may need a period of breaking in but it’s very dense and I wonder if I didn’t get enough soap on my face to satisfy this very dense knot.

This brush has lots of backbone and nice soft tips but I wonder if I prefer knots that aren’t quite so dense. I’ve borrowed this from a friend so I’ll see how I get on with it for a few shaves and maybe try the Speick cream for my next shave.

This week I’ll be mostly…

Using Speick!


Speick week
3P preshave
Honey Farm Finest Badger
Speick soap stick
Gillette #59 Rocket
Gillette Green (4)
Speick aftershave

I love the scent of Speick and it’s been too long since I last used it. This should be a good week. A few of us on the shaving room forum will be using a single soap for a whole week and this week is Speick week.

Great thick shiny lather from rubbing the stick on my face then lathering up with the Honey Farm badger brush my wife bought me for Christmas. I really like this brush and it’s performed perfectly from the first use.

I’ve also got my Speick cream out for later in the week and although this blade seemed fine I’ll likely swap it and use a different razor for my next shave.

The Speick aftershave had great skin friendly ingredients and is one I’ll usually reach for if I’ve had a rough shave. I’m really liking the scent, I’ll have to see if I can get the EDT in the future.

Finally getting the house straight and not so many boxes everywhere which is nice. It’s been a busy but nice Christmas break and it’s gone quickly. Back to work tomorrow. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the festivities and Happy New Year to you all.

SOTD 19/02/15

Omega 10066
Razorock XXX
Eclipse Red Ring
Polsilver SI (3)
Speick AS

Nice easy shave today with the XXX, the usual great Razorock performance as always. This is a great scent and one I hope Joe keeps in production.

Finished off with a little Pal Zileri EDT which complemented the XXX well.

SOTD 30/10/13

SOTD 30/10/13

3P pre shave cream
Semogue Owners Club 2 Band in Cherry wood
Speick shave soap stick
Above The Tie Atlas R1
Gillette Green 7 o’clock blade (1)
Superdrug’s Forest Fresh aftershave

My 3rd shave with the Atlas, it is certainly an aggressive razor but does give a really close shave. Certainly the closest shave of all my razors but not quite as smooth as some.

The Semogue brush is my favourite badger brush of all and it is hard to beat the lather of Speick products.