A shave that commanded respect

Proraso White Preshave
Plisson Synthtetic shaving brush
Soap Commander Respect
Ever Ready 1912
Gem blade (3)
Alpa Fougere Cologne

I didn’t get time to post this last night after my shave, as it wasn’t fairly hectic night and I had to watch The Walking Dead!

I’m traveling to London today for work to see some customers so wanted a drama free shave with no adverse reactions to my face so the few new things I have to try were put to one side while I went with the old faithful Soap Commander Respect shaving soap which I have reviewed previously here.

The lather whipped up very nicely with the Plisson synthetic brush, I probably over loaded the brush a little but the lather was nice and thick and slick and I had more than enough for my 3 passes and a few touch ups.

The 1912 worked really well and I think I’ve got the angle and technique nailed now.

I finished off with a splash of the Alpa Fougere cologne which stung a little but left a nice light clean scent behind.

SOTD 10/03/15 a Grandstaff shave

New Forest 1901 2 band badger brush
Grandstaff Holy Smokes v2 shaving soap
Standard Razor – Black
Personna Lab Blue (2)
Pinaud Classic Vanilla Aftershave

Well I said in a previous post about Travis Grandstaff going off the radar…but he’s resurfaced! After that post I was contacted on twitter by a man named Michael who alerted me that Travis was back in business with an improved version of his soap. Surely that great soap couldn’t be improved upon, but it has.

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SOTD 01/03/15

L’Occitane Synthetic
Dapper Dragon Ice Wyrm
Merkur 39c slant
Rimei blade (1)
T&H Trafalgar ASB
T&H Trafalgar Cologne

I hadn’t had a shave since Thursday night so I had 3 days growth to get rid of. I thought of a few razors that would do the job, but chose the Merkur slant.

First try of the Dapper Dragon soap sample provided by Mike of ThePathToSmoothness thanks Mike. The scent of the soap is a nice fresh mint scent, which I kept smelling throughout the shave. It’s a soft soap which loads up easily, about 15 seconds loading the brush was enough for a 3 pass shave, with lather to spare.

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