Soap Commander Resolution


Proraso White Preshave
Stirling Synthetic
Soap Commander Resolution
Gem (6)
Ikon 102
English Wilkinson Sword (8)
Razorock The Beach aftershave

Decided the gem blade had seen better days after the first pass so grabbed the closest razor to finish off the last two passes.

As it’s very nearly Christmas I thought it was an idea time to get the Soap Commander Resolution out. A great have followed which is to be expected with any soap commander soap. The shea butter always leaves my skin feeling nice and soft.

I have a few new aftershave samples to try out and today was Razorock The Beach. This has a really nice scent and a good menthol kick as well. Very nice stuff and a great scent.

A little bit of Gusto

Trumpers Lime Skinfood
Plisson Synthetic brush
Soap Commander Gusto
Feather Pro (5)
Soap Commander Gusto balm

So indecisive today on what to use so I let my son choose. The boy done well choosing Soap Commander and the Plisson.

I left a little water on the soap and soaked the brush while I showered and in an attempt to use up the skinfood applied a good amount to my wet face as a preshave.

Lathered up the soap with the Plisson and probably didn’t quite add enough water at first but that was soon corrected dipping the tips of the brush a few times.

After using the Stirling brush for the last few shaves the Plisson felt quite small and lacking a little backbone. None the less it still produced a great lather and more than enough for three passes.

This soap smells great and the lather is very nice, thick, rich and slick. Soap commander is definitely my favourite soap and it’s hard to believe it’s a vegan soap as the lather has all the qualities of a good tallow soap. Post shave feel is also excellent and isn’t at all drying like some vegan soaps which I put down to the shea butter.

Again an effortless shave from the Mongoose paired with the Jürgen Hempel Titanium handle. This blade is showing no signs of giving up as yet.

I finished up with the matching Soap Commander Gusto balm to continue the great scent and give me my menthol fix.

That’s me done for another day and ready to face the world again in the morning.

Soap Commander Passion

3P pre shave
Plisson Synthetic shaving brush
Soap Commander Passion
Merkur 37c slant
Vintage English Wilkinson (1)
Alcolado Glacial aftershave
Trumpers Skinfood West Indian Limes

I hadn’t shaved in 3 days and this was my first shave back home after being on holiday last week. I didn’t blog my last shave where I used a sample of Le Père Lucien, which I really liked. The post shave of the LPL was really good, so much so I didn’t use any splash or balm afterwards. I’ll use it again in the near future and blog my thoughts but to me it was a much better performer than MdC.

Anyway on to today’s shave. While I was away I missed using the Plisson synthetic brush so I knew that would be the first brush I used once I was back home. I’d also just received the Soap Commander Passion soap as well so wanted to give that a try as well. I also just received a passaround Merkur 37c slant and with 3 days stubble to mow down it was a great choice of razor for the job.

The Soap Commander soaps are my favourite soaps of all at the moment and I have 3 tubs Passion, Respect and Resolution. The Passion has a really nice spicy scent to it of cardamom and teakwood. I get a hint of cinnamon in the scent too. It has the usual great Soap Commander performance of thick slick lather which is very protective and gives great post shave skin feel.

The Merkur 37c slant paired with a vintage English Wilkinson blade made light work of my 3 day stubble, after just one pass I looked presentable again but I continued on with 3 passes to get nice and smooth. I own the bigger Merkur 39c slant but found the smaller version seemed a bit easier to manoeuvre around my face. I’ll use the 37c for the rest of the week to give it a full comparison but after the first shave today I think I prefer the 37c.

As it’s been quite a hot day today I finished off with a splash of Alcolado Glacial aftershave to cool off with its menthol goodness. I must say I’m sure it was more cooling the last time I used it so I might have to try adding a few menthol crystals to it to make it more of a face freezer. It has a nice citrusy scent which I thought would go well with the Trumpers Lime Skinfood I’m trying to use up.

If your wondering what’s at the top of my picture above its a Bluetooth speaker I used to listen to the brush and blade podcast whilst I was showering and shaving. It’s a good podcast to listen to, so if you get a chance have a listen.

Review: Soap Commander – Respect

I promised some reviews so here goes. At the moment I think the Soap Commander Respect shaving soap is my favourite soap of all. Bearing in mind I have quite a few good quality soaps that says a lot.

The soap is listed as Lime and Patchouli and I would say it has a good scent strength with a nice strong fresh lime scent which is nicely complemented by the patchouli scent in the background. This gives the scent a nice depth. I find the scent lasts throughout the shave and is a great scent. It’s one of those where I keep going back to the tub to get another smell of the scent.

I’ve used a variety of brushes with this soap all producing great results. The last shave with this I used the L’Occitane Plisson Synthetic brush which produces some great lather with this soap. It loads up very easily and my preferred method of face lathering works a treat. The lather quickly builds into a nice creamy lather with very little effort, even with my hard water. The glide and slickness of this soap is up there with the best of them. I also find the cushion and protection this soap offers to be top notch.

Post Shave
Another strong point of this soap is the post shave feel. It contains shea butter which I feel leaves the skin well hydrated and in top condition. The scent lingers around for a little while and I prefer to finish off with a nice citrus scented aftershave when using this soap.

The Soap Commander soap is a vegan recipe containing shea butter and castor oil and come in a nice big tub with waterproof labels. I can see this lasting a long time as you get 6oz of soap in each tub. I will definitely be buying this again. I’ve spoken to Darren the maker of this soap a few times and he is a really nice helpful guy.

I can’t wait to try some of the other scents in this range. It’s available from the Soap Commander website, but if you are UK based Shaving Station stocks this as well and is where I bought mine from.

If you’re thinking of trying Soap Commander and like the scent of limes then this is the one for you. This is a soap I definitely recommend trying.