Schick Injector and Caties Bubbles LPV

Myrsol Emulsion preshave
The Big Shave LE 2014 super silvertip
Catie’s Bubbles LPV
Schick Dial Injector
Personna (2)
My own Bay Rum Aftershave

I had a bit of a revelation today. I was reading up on Caties Bubbles and saw someone mention using the Marco method of lathering, I think it may have even been Marco over at Badger and Blade. I’ve not had any issue lathering LPV previously but thought I’d give it a go today.

For those that haven’t heard of this you take a very wet brush and let the water drip out until it isn’t dripping any more but is still holding a lot of water. I gave the brush two very light downward drops to get a little more water out as I was face lathering and didn’t want to get too messy. I then very lightly swirled on the soap for 60 seconds and began face lathering, pretty much straight away the lather began to build on my face and after about a minute of working the lather into my stubble I had a huge amount of lather at the perfect consistency for shaving. I painted on the lather to level it out and began my shave.

The Schick gives a nice shave and today I had it opened up to setting 6 which cut through my stubble with ease. After 3 passes I was 90% BBS, which was good enough for me.

I finished off today’s shave with a splash of some bay rum I made a while back. It leaves the skin feeling good but the scent only lasts a few minutes. I’m going to try adding a bit more of another bay rum I have to up the scent and maybe even a little menthol just to spice things up a little.

Le Père Lucien & Standard Razor

Myrsol Emulsion as preshave
The Big Shave LE 2014 Super Silvertip
Le Père Lucien Traditional scent
Standard Razor Black
English Wilkinson Sword blade
Myrsol Agua Balsamica aftershave

Great shave today with the above combo. Last time I used this sample of LPL I was away on holiday and didn’t get time to blog about it. Good shave today again with it but I think I had a bit of trouble loading from the sample with my super silvertip brush. Previously I had used my 2 band New Forest badger brush which has a bit more backbone and a smaller knot. I’m going to try my Omega boar brush next time to see if that makes a difference.

I find this soap is really good and performs much better than MdC but with a similar herby mint scent. The lather is nice and slick and post shave feel is very good, not at all drying. When I had MdC before although it lathered easily I found it lacked slickness and dried my skin out.

Another great shave with the Standard Razor, it’s fast becoming my favourite razor and I’ve just ordered a second one in the raw finish with the stand on Massdrop which was a bargain. Although it’s a light razor I find myself BBS every time I use it with no hint of irritation. The vintage made in England Wilkinson blade is still going well on what I think is shave number 6 although I think it’s beginning to dull a bit now, I’ll try it for one more shave which may be its last.

Finished off with the Myrsol Agua Balsamica aftershave which is a good match to the scent of the LPL soap as its herby with a very refreshing menthol kick. As with all Myrsol splashes they leave the skin feeling great and the scent is still lingering now.