A cooling Proraso shave

I said I was going to use some of the forgotten soaps over the next few shaves. As it was a hot morning then what better stuff to use than cooling Proraso green.

S&C Silvertip
Proraso Green soap
B2 Satin Mongoose
Feather Pro (5)
Proraso Green aftershave

I left the brush soaking and about a teaspoon of water on the soap while I had my shower. I went for a bit of preshave exfoliation with some Shave Doctor face scrub and my usual face soap of late the Bluebeards Revenge big blue soap.

A quick shake of the brush to get most of the water out and I added the spoon full of water from the soap to the brush knot. After about 30 seconds the brush seemed loaded enough to start face lathering. This brush has softened up nicely now on the third use and feels like a soft cloud on the face but with enough backbone to work the lather in well, I’d say the perfect balance. I really worked the lather well on my face today adding water along the way until I got the lather where I wanted it.

Three passes with the goose and all was good, the feather pro blade seemed fine on its fifth use but probably not a sharp as when it was new.

My skin felt a little dry after using the soap, but clean feeling it that makes sense. The aftershave from Proraso is very moisturising and seems to be the perfect match after using the soap to get my skin back to a perfect level of hydration. It has to be one of my favourite splashes with a great old school scent and nice cooling menthol to make you feel fresh.

I was given a sample of Encre Noire recently and first time round I liked it quite a lot. I used the rest of the sample today before heading out to the shops and then a BBQ. I definitely like the scent and it seems to last quite well although not to a strength level I would like as I prefer my scents to last all day. It seems it’s difficult to find a long lasting scent these days, but I guess that’s to do with all the regulations around scents and ingredients which are ruining so many good things.

Now as I’m writing this around 10 hours later the scent is pretty much gone so after a quick face wash with just some cold tap water I have gone with a few squirts of the Bluebeards Revenge EDT to keep me going until bed time.

DR Harris Windsor & The Goose

S&C Silvertip
DR Harris Windsor soap
B2 Satin Mongoose
Feather Pro (4)
DR Harris Windsor Aftershave

I needed to remind myself how good the DR Harris soap was before I take a trip to the St James area of London tomorrow. Based on tonight experience I’ll have to pick up another soap after having a smell of the different scents.

The brush was much softer after the initial outing on my last shave. A much more pleasurable experience which I expect will improve over the next few uses.

I left the brush to soak while I had a shower and left a little water on the soap to rehydrate it as it’s been a little while since I last used it.

I shook the brush and began loading up the soap, this brush hold a lot of water so at first it was a bit bubbly but after a little more loading I had a nice creamy lather in the tips. I rubbed the looser lather that had spilled over into my face and began face lathering. It didn’t take long to get a nice thick lather going and adding a few drops of water to the knot soon got a nice sheen to the lather.

Three passes with the mongoose resulted in a very close shave ready for my trip to London at silly o’clock to get to there by 9am.

I finished off by going the whole hog with the Windsor aftershave. Really nice stuff with that citrusy vetiver scent with a hint of black pepper. It’s a really good quality splash and now my face feels very smooth and moisturised. I’m not sure if that’s down to the soap or aftershave or both.

A few squirts of the Windsor EDT in the morning and I’ll be good to go. Should be a fun journey and I hope the weather isn’t too hot as there is a strict dress code where I’m going so it’s on with the suit and tie tomorrow morning.

Razorock Tight Buns and Standard Razor

Myrsol Emulsion as preshave
The Big Shave 2014 LE silvertip
Razorock Tight Buns
Standard Razor Black
Vintage Wilkinson Blade
David Beckham Instinct aftershave

First try of the Razorock Tight Buns soap which I bought sometime late last year. Not sure why it’s taken me so long to crack this open and give it a try, maybe because it was a limited edition soap so I didn’t want to use it up too quickly.

The scent is based on Creed Green Irish Tweed and was a limited run of soap named after Ant “tight buns” Smith who posts on Facebook shaving groups and did quite a few YouTube videos as well. I like his humorous videos but he isn’t making videos anymore.

Loading up the damp Big Shave super silvertip badger brush was easy after letting a bit of water sit on top of the soap whilst I showered, after about 20 seconds the brush was fully loaded. I face lathered and soon had a nice thick slick lather with a nice scent. I’m told that it can take a few shaves on a Razorock soap to really get the true scent and strength to come through and whilst this wasn’t the strongest scent it was present during the shave.

Post shave feel of the soap was good and I didn’t find it at all drying.

I haven’t used the Standard Razor for a few weeks but it worked really well today with the vintage made in England Wilkinson Sword blade which I think is on its fourth shave now. I heard these blades last quite well and it showed no signs of deterioration during the shave.

All in all this was a really good shave with BBS results. I’m not sure whether it was the combination of soap razor and blade or even the Myrsol preshave but it was the best shave in quite a while.

I finished off with a splash of the David Beckham Instinct aftershave which is a sample given to me by a friend. It’s a nice scent and the aftershave felt a little oily on application and left my skin feeling very nice and smooth. It’s not an overpowering scent but I can still smell it lightly a few hours after my shave.

Caties Bubbles LPV

3P Pre Shave
Silvertip Badger Brush
Caties Bubbles LPV
Merkur 37c Slant Bar
English Wilkinson Sword blade (2)
British Sterling aftershave

Bit of a rough feeling shave today. Can’t quite put my finger on what went wrong today but the end result was a very smooth shave. I’ll go back to the drawing board on this one and see if I can figure it out.

I struggled with the silvertip today, it’s a fairly new brush to me but felt a little too floppy to pick up enough soap today. I usually leave a little water on top of my soaps while I shower, even softer ones like LPV, but I didn’t today so maybe that was half the issue. I’ve also noticed its shedding quite a few hairs, but hopefully that should stop after a few more shaves.

I still really like the scent of the LPV but I wonder if the scent was irritating my skin today or if it was a combination of things. I haven’t had a problem with it in the past so I’ll try a few more times before making a decision.

The 37c slant was very effective today at removing two days stubble. The weather has warmed up here in the last few days and I’m sure it is making my stubble grow a little faster. I’m using this 37c slant to compare to my 39c slant, they give a similar shave and I’m not favouring one over the other at the moment. It seems a little more nimble to use with its shorter handle with a little less weight but shaves just the same.

The vintage Wilkinson blade faired well today on the second shave but I think I’ll put it aside to try in another razor and give the slant a try with another blade for the next shave.

I finished off with a splash of the British Sterling aftershave today which matches the LPV well.

I’ll be trying out a Cold River Soapworks soap for my next shave. I haven’t tried one before but have been lent a tub to try out.