Fine Accoutrements American Blend Shaving Soap

Vitos Preshave
Brad Sears Shave Works S8 manchurian
American Blend shaving soap
Seygus Safety Razor
American Blend Aftershave
YSL Rive Gauche

A great smelling shave was had with the above. The new Fine American Blend soap is very good, seemed to be very easy to lather and could take on plenty of water. The lather seems very protective and very slick as well with the nice American Blend scent.

First try with the Seygus razor so I can’t give a full view on it yet but initial impressions are its very nice looking but a little mild. The weight seemed good with the added stainless weight part added, maybe a little too light without it.

I finished off with a splash of American Blend aftershave and a couple of squirts of the old formula YSL Rive Gauche and smelt good all day.


SOTD 02.02.16 – Saponificio Varesino 70th Anniversary

3P preshave
Dennis Coluccio Finest Badger
Saponificio Varesino 70th Anniversary shaving soap
Ikon Slant DLC
Vintage Wilkinson Sword (4)
Saponificio Varesino 70th Anniversary aftershave

Great birthday shave today. I’ve been waiting for this soap for a while and it didn’t disappoint. I’ve seen it in so many SOTD posts and read plenty of reviews.

The tin is a little flimsy but not as bad as I thought it would be reading other reviews. It’s not what you would expect looking at it as a metal tin but does the job of holding the soap.

Opening it up it has a very strong scent which is very close to Acqua Di Geo with a bitter citrus scent with fresh marine notes.

I have quite a few of the SV soaps now and although a veggie formula they perform like a good tallow soap. A lot of veggie soaps will leave my skin dry after use but I haven’t had any dryness with any of the SV formulas I’ve tried.

I followed my usual technique with these soaps, I left about a teaspoon of water on top to soften the soap before use then loaded up with a squeezed out badger brush for about 30 seconds until I got a good paste in the bristles. I then gave the tips a very quick dip in my sink water then face lathered. I probably dipped the tips two or three times till I got the lather how I liked it. Plenty thick, nicely hydrated with plenty of slickness. I can’t really fault these soaps in any area really, hence why I’ve got 4 of their soaps now.

First try of the ikon slant and it seems good, not sure I prefer it to the 102 slant by ikon apart from the bigger blade gap curing the issue with the clogging up easily. The head felt a bit thicker which didn’t make it as easy to manoeuvre. The angle didn’t seem as natural as the 102 either but it’s equally as smooth and drama free in use.

Finished off with the matching aftershave which has a really nice thick glass bottle. It didn’t seem as strongly scented as the soap and getting the right amount out was a little tricky but it did leave my skin feeling nice and soft.

All in all a good shave with a nice close smooth result.

This week I’ll be mostly…

Using Speick!


Speick week
3P preshave
Honey Farm Finest Badger
Speick soap stick
Gillette #59 Rocket
Gillette Green (4)
Speick aftershave

I love the scent of Speick and it’s been too long since I last used it. This should be a good week. A few of us on the shaving room forum will be using a single soap for a whole week and this week is Speick week.

Great thick shiny lather from rubbing the stick on my face then lathering up with the Honey Farm badger brush my wife bought me for Christmas. I really like this brush and it’s performed perfectly from the first use.

I’ve also got my Speick cream out for later in the week and although this blade seemed fine I’ll likely swap it and use a different razor for my next shave.

The Speick aftershave had great skin friendly ingredients and is one I’ll usually reach for if I’ve had a rough shave. I’m really liking the scent, I’ll have to see if I can get the EDT in the future.

Finally getting the house straight and not so many boxes everywhere which is nice. It’s been a busy but nice Christmas break and it’s gone quickly. Back to work tomorrow. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the festivities and Happy New Year to you all.

A little bit of Gusto

Trumpers Lime Skinfood
Plisson Synthetic brush
Soap Commander Gusto
Feather Pro (5)
Soap Commander Gusto balm

So indecisive today on what to use so I let my son choose. The boy done well choosing Soap Commander and the Plisson.

I left a little water on the soap and soaked the brush while I showered and in an attempt to use up the skinfood applied a good amount to my wet face as a preshave.

Lathered up the soap with the Plisson and probably didn’t quite add enough water at first but that was soon corrected dipping the tips of the brush a few times.

After using the Stirling brush for the last few shaves the Plisson felt quite small and lacking a little backbone. None the less it still produced a great lather and more than enough for three passes.

This soap smells great and the lather is very nice, thick, rich and slick. Soap commander is definitely my favourite soap and it’s hard to believe it’s a vegan soap as the lather has all the qualities of a good tallow soap. Post shave feel is also excellent and isn’t at all drying like some vegan soaps which I put down to the shea butter.

Again an effortless shave from the Mongoose paired with the Jürgen Hempel Titanium handle. This blade is showing no signs of giving up as yet.

I finished up with the matching Soap Commander Gusto balm to continue the great scent and give me my menthol fix.

That’s me done for another day and ready to face the world again in the morning.

DR Harris Windsor & The Goose

S&C Silvertip
DR Harris Windsor soap
B2 Satin Mongoose
Feather Pro (4)
DR Harris Windsor Aftershave

I needed to remind myself how good the DR Harris soap was before I take a trip to the St James area of London tomorrow. Based on tonight experience I’ll have to pick up another soap after having a smell of the different scents.

The brush was much softer after the initial outing on my last shave. A much more pleasurable experience which I expect will improve over the next few uses.

I left the brush to soak while I had a shower and left a little water on the soap to rehydrate it as it’s been a little while since I last used it.

I shook the brush and began loading up the soap, this brush hold a lot of water so at first it was a bit bubbly but after a little more loading I had a nice creamy lather in the tips. I rubbed the looser lather that had spilled over into my face and began face lathering. It didn’t take long to get a nice thick lather going and adding a few drops of water to the knot soon got a nice sheen to the lather.

Three passes with the mongoose resulted in a very close shave ready for my trip to London at silly o’clock to get to there by 9am.

I finished off by going the whole hog with the Windsor aftershave. Really nice stuff with that citrusy vetiver scent with a hint of black pepper. It’s a really good quality splash and now my face feels very smooth and moisturised. I’m not sure if that’s down to the soap or aftershave or both.

A few squirts of the Windsor EDT in the morning and I’ll be good to go. Should be a fun journey and I hope the weather isn’t too hot as there is a strict dress code where I’m going so it’s on with the suit and tie tomorrow morning.

Menthol May with Catie’s Bubbles Glacé Herbe

Myrsol Emulsion
Omega 49 boar
Catie’s Bubbles Glacé Herbe
Schick Dial @ 5
Personna (5)
Fine Accoutrements Clean Vetiver aftershave

Everyone seems to be getting in on menthol May so I thought I’d join in today.

This soap is very cooling with a strong Vetiver scent, it reminds me of Guerlain Vetiver. It has the usual great Catie’s Bubbles performance which is plenty slick with a nice post shave feel.

The Personna injector blade is still going strong 5 shaves in on this blade. I do find my shaves are a bit quicker with the Schick Injector, not sure why but they just are. For ease of use they are very similar to a cartridge razor.

Today’s shave was finished off with a splash of Fine Accoutrements Clean Vetiver aftershave which matched the soap well and continued the icy menthol effect on my face.

I should be able to squeeze one more shave out of this sample before moving on to some other samples I have lying around. I’m hoping to use a few up by concentrating on using samples for the rest of the month.

SOTD 26/02/15

Proraso Travel Boar Brush
Strop Shoppe Alpine Frost
Gillette Aristocrat #16
Gillette Bleue blade (3)
Superdrug Forest Fresh

Mike at ThePathToSmoothness very kindly sent me a few samples to try out and this was one of them. Mike is a great guy and you should check out his blog.

Onto the soap, this stuff smells really good fresh and woody with a nice pine scent.

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