Margaritas in the Arctic – a very cooling shave

Vitos Preshave
Rooney Emillion Size 1 Super Badger
Stirling Soap Co – Margaritas in the Arctic
One Blade
Despined Gem (4)
Alcolado Glacial aftershave

After a hot day in the garden I needed a high menthol hit to cool off.

I went with Margaritas in the Arctic and felt like my face was dipped in snow, that’s some damn chilly lather but definitely cooled me down.

Fourth shave with the One Blade and probably the best I’ve had with the Gem so far. Nice close result with no irritation. I think I held the razor tilted back a bit so the spring was working. It’s just strange using a razor again using a bit of pressure.

The chilling shave was rounded off with a bracing splash of Alcolado Glacial, it certainly helped me cool off.

Rooney and the Tech

Trumpers Lime Skinfood
Rooney Emillion
OSP no 1 test soap
Gillette Tech with SABI handle
GSB (3)
Old Spice AS

Good shave today. I tried out a new UK artisan soap being refined through testing with a few people over on TSR. Quite a nice scent which was present throughout the shave. The performance was good and plenty slick but I think I added too much water early on with this but I’ll dial it in with more use.

Third shave with the tech and heavy handle combo and it delivers a easy shave but not super close in some areas. The blade in is the blade bank so I’ll have to think about what to use next.

I’ve stuck with this Rooney Emillion brush all week and it’s a favourite of mine. Hard to come buy but if I saw any more reasonably priced Rooney brushes I’d grab another.

All finished off with a splash of old spice. Mainly because I’d used the old spice shower gel today and wanted to keep the scent going.

I didn’t get around to posting my last shave which looked a bit like this

Not the best photo but it was a nice shave with this cream that is part of a passaround. I did get a slight tingle around my lips and the scent is a little floral but the performance was good. It has a really strange consistency, very runny like paint.

Oh and a few more soaps arrived as well

IMG_1763should be fun trying these out over the next few weeks.

Old Spice and the OCMM

3P preshave
Rooney Emillion
Old Spice soap
Open Comb Micromatic
Gem blade
Floid Blue aftershave

A little late posting this up as this was yesterday mornings shave.

Really nice performance from the vintage Old Spice shaving soap. First try for me but I see why this soap gets such high praise from those that have used it. This one still has plenty of scent left in it as well.

East to lather with the Rooney brush and three passes with the OCMM went well and left me clean shaven.

A few sprays of Floid Blue to finish up and I was good to go.

I do seem to have one ingrown hair this morning so I think maybe the OCMM got me just a little too close in that area. Maybe I’ll go with something a little milder later on today.

LTV and the Goose

Rooney Emillion
Caties Bubbles La Terre Verte
Feather Pro (2)
Fine American Blend

So after a little tidy up of the drawers in the den and a shift around with the soap box in the bathroom I was ready to shave; there will be some lesser used soaps getting use in the upcoming shaves.

I left the Rooney to soak while I had a shower and left a little water on the LTV to bloom. After my shower and putting on the 3P I used the bloom water to wet my face and started loading up the brush.

I’ve gotta say the scent of the LTV has to be my favourite Catie’s Bubbles scent. This one knocked LPV into second place when a friend sent me a sample. It was so good I had to get a tub of my own.

It performs just like the other Catie’s Bubbles scents in the French style and produces a really nice lather almost instantly with great glide. Face lathering with the Rooney I had a good lather in no time adding a few drops of water to the knot as I went along.

3 passes with the Mongoose with the Feather Pro blade on its second use produced a really close irritation free shave. I’ll be using the goose until this blade gives up just to see how many shaves I can comfortably get from it. So far it’s been my favourite blade but I do have a few more in the sample pack to try out.

I wasn’t sure what aftershave to use today, I really wanted to keep the lovely smell of LTV going but I didn’t think I had anything to match up with it. As I said I had been tidying my shaving drawers and the drawers are see through and the first bottle I saw at the front was the Fine Accoutrements American Blend so I grabbed that. I love the smell of this aftershave which is based on Rive Gauche by YSL, it smells great and has that nice cooling menthol kick all the Fine aftershaves have. A bonus is it really matched the soap well and nearly 2 hours later the scent is still going strong. This is one of those aftershaves I’ll never be without.

Well that’s me ready for another week of work.

A Sublime Saturday shave with the Mongoose


A quick shave this morning before a long hot day having a birthday party and BBQ for my son. I’m sitting here now absolutely stuffed. I got a card midweek for a missed parcel which I collected after this mornings shave. It was the third Standard Razor from Massdrop, not that I ordered 3 it’s just taken that many for one to arrive without being damaged. Fair play to massdrop who have been very good trying to rectify their mistakes but I feel if they had just packed the first razor well enough there wouldn’t have been all this trouble. Still onto today’s shave:

Proraso Red Preshave
Rooney Emillion Super Badger brush
Reef Point Sublime
Batch 2 Mongoose
Feather Professional (1)
Taylor of Old Bond Street No. 74 Lime aftershave

Second go I believe of the Sublime soap from Reef Point, I thought I’d need a little menthol with today’s shave. I really like the scent of this soap, it’s like a mix of limes and lemons with a light menthol kick. It’s not a massive face freezer which leaves the face numb, just a nice refreshing feel.

The lather whipped up very nicely with the Rooney brush and there was plenty of it for my 3 passes with more to spare.

First go with the Feather Pro blade in my Mongoose and it delivered a very good shave with no drama at all. I’m not sure if it was the blade or the soap, but my face felt really nice and smooth after this shave.

I finished off with a splash of the TOBS Lime aftershave today to complete the lime theme. All of the TOBS aftershaves I have tried have been really great stuff. I’m trying to not buy more aftershave at the moment but once I’ve got through some I will definitely keep a TOBS scent in stock.

Stirling Orange Chill and Dbl OC

Rooney Emillion Size 1
Stirling Orange Chill
Phoenix Dbl OC
Gillette Silver Blue (4)
Brut Aftershave

No preshave today, I find the Stirling soap so slick it just isn’t needed.

The Orange Chill lathered up like a charm using the Rooney brush with the Marco Method of lathering. 60 seconds of swirling with a very wet brush and then face lathered resulted in a nice thick slick lather. I’ve yet to find a soap as slick as Stirling, and the post shave feel is really great.

As it was quite a warm day, but by no means full on summer I thought I’d try out my most mentholated soap, and this stuff is really chilly. The cold water splash certainly was refreshing.

I tried the Dbl OC razor with a heavier handle today, it made it a little more aggressive but still a little on the mild side to get a BBS shave. I’ll give it a try with a feather or Polsilver blade next to see if that improves the end result.

A quick splash of Brut to finish things off and even my wife says I smell good, so that can’t be bad. I gave my son the choice of all my aftershaves and Brut was his choice.

Reef Point Dragons Blood & Ikon 102

Proraso Red Preshave
Rooney Heritage Emillion
Reef Point Dragons Blood
Ikon 102 Slant
J├╝rgen Hempel Ti handle
English Wilkinson (3)
Witch Hazel
Proraso aftershave splash

On to another new soap today with the Reef Point Dragons Blood. This has a really nice scent which is quite unusual compared to other soaps I have. But I do like it a lot.

I loaded up the Rooney Emillion brush which had been soaking in warm water while I showered and gave it a quick squeeze and shake so it was just damp. The soap loaded easily and after about 30 seconds of loading I started face lathering.

Unfortunately it all went wrong here and I started to get an irritated feeling on my skin. The lather was really nice though so I pushed on for one pass, but couldn’t go further than that. I suspect that it was the vanilla in the scent that may have caused the irritation.

I finished the rest of my shave with another new soap, Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Speakeasy. No issues with that soap and the rest of the shave was drama free for the remaining two passes.

Good performance from the slant and Wilkinson blade.

I finished off with a good splash of witch hazel on a cotton pad to ease the irritation and a splash of Proraso aftershave and both of these have helped ease the irritated feeling.

Shame as I really liked the scent of the soap and the performance was good. I’ll definitely try some other scents in the Reef Point range.

No picture today as I changed a few things from my original picture due to the issues with the soap.

Travelling Shaves

Trumpers Sandalwood Skin Food
Rooney Heritage Emillion size 1
Razorock Fresco
Gillette Slim Adjustable
English Wilkinson (1)
Lucky Tiger Aftershave

Well this will be the setup for a few days so there won’t be many posts on here. I usually bring a few soaps away but decided just the one this time.

I was searching through my old travel bag and found two bottles of Skinfood, Lime and Sandalwood so put them both in the travel bag to use as a preshave, although they can also double up as a balm if required. I went with the sandalwood as I like the scent more.

The Rooney brush arrived just before I left and as I’ve been waiting for it to arrive seemed the right choice to take away. As you can see from the pre bloom picture below it bloomed out nicely after one use.
It lathered up the Razorock soap with no issues, felt nice on my skin and easily let up the lather for all 3 passes with more to spare. So far I’m impressed with it’s performance, the handle also feels really nice and ergonomic to use.

The Razorock Fresco I picked up when I bought a lot from The Shave Nook BST, I’ve been really impressed by the performance of the lather and it has a really nice scent too. Nice thick, shiny lather with lots of slickness. For the price it’s a hard to beat soap that I would recommend. I chose to bring this away as I can almost see the bottom of the tub so I thought it would help finish it off, but I have a feeling once it’s gone I’ll end up buying another one!

I haven’t use the Gillette Slim in ages and I did struggle at first to remember the angle, but got there in the end. An ok shave but not BBS from the slim.

A quick splash of Lucky Tiger to finish off. Good post shave feel from this but I find it more oily than most and the scent lasts a few seconds, great for adding a scent to wear for the day, but once this sample is gone I wouldn’t buy a bottle as I prefer others over this but nice to try out. If you prefer a splash without much burn or menthol it’s worth a try.

Well that was the setup for yesterday and the coming few days. Off to see what I can find around here now.