A Sterling Shave

Proraso Sandalwood Preshave
Omega 49 boar
Ever Ready 1912
Gem SE blade (1)
Stirling Tuscany shaving soap
British Sterling aftershave

Today was one of those days were I just couldn’t work out what to use, I decided in the end to use the made in England Ever Ready 1912.

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SOTD 26/02/15

Proraso Travel Boar Brush
Strop Shoppe Alpine Frost
Gillette Aristocrat #16
Gillette Bleue blade (3)
Superdrug Forest Fresh

Mike at ThePathToSmoothness very kindly sent me a few samples to try out and this was one of them. Mike is a great guy and you should check out his blog.

Onto the soap, this stuff smells really good fresh and woody with a nice pine scent.

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