Rocnel & Shaver Heaven – 1st Anniversary

Vitos Preshave
Brad Sears Shaveworks S8 Manchurian
Shaver Heaven – 1st Anniversary
Rocnel on Jürgen Hempel Ti handle
Polsilver SI (2)
Floris JF aftershave

Second shave with the Rocnel today and I used a lighter, longer handle which seemed to improve things for me. The stock handle is a nice heavy well made handle I’ll definitely be using on some of my other heads as well.

I saw a video last night of some Australian guy trying to use the Rocnel and saying it was one of the worst razors ever. I think his main problem was he hadn’t fitted the blade right as you have to make sure it’s pushed right the way back before breaking off the tabs so the blade is secure. The other thing that didn’t help was his poor technique but hopefully he’ll develop that in time. Seems these days you just have to give someone a camera and an opinion and they are a shave guru 😜

Mini rant over and on to the shave this soap is brilliant and has such a good scent, very fresh and summery and reminds me of the sort of scents I wore on long forgotten sunny holidays abroad. All whipped up with the BSSW manchurian brush which is pure luxury to use. I really need to try out the new shaver heaven tallow formula.

Overall a very nice close shave from the Rocnel all finished off with a splash of the Floris aftershave. I kinda wish I had the matching EDT.

The end is here…

Nuage preshave oil
Brad Sears S8 manchurian 26mm
Caties Bubbles La Terre Verte
Ikon 102 with Bulldog handle
Polsilver SI (1)
Figaro Monsieur aftershave

I’m away from home for a few days but didn’t have to put any thought into what soap to pack, razor and aftershave were the harder decisions this time around.

I’m actually enjoying using this soap consistently and seem to have the lather dialled in to just how I want it.

The new Brad Sears brush suits me perfectly and I think I’d happily just use this as my only brush if I had too. It’s just so soft on the face with no scritch at all. The Manchurian hair seems to have the backbone to load up and make a great lather as well but also releases it nicely. The knot has bloomed out well and the size of the 26mm knot means it holds ample lather for my three passes with plenty left behind.

I always get a drama free shave from the ikon 102 head and the polsilver blade is probably one of my favourite blades, sharp and smooth and I usually get a good 4 shaves from a blade.

I like the figaro aftershave and seeing as I had decanted some to a smaller bottle it made sense to put it in my travel bag to take away.

Monday & Thursday

Same as the above, I travelled pretty light this time around. 16 shaves in total with the LTV this month.

So that’s the end of my monogamous March shaves and as I go into April I’ll finally get to use some of these new soaps I have gotten recently. So what have I learnt over the last month of shaves?

I still like the scent of this soap a lot, even after extended use. It’s right up there with my favourite scents. I wish there was an EDT like this, I’d certainly buy it. The scent is listed as oakmoss, sandalwood and patchouli. I’ve definitely got a weakness for all three of those individual scents but the way they are mixed in this soap is incredible. It’s fresh and sweet and green and has got to be in my top 5 soap scents.

Performance is as you would expect from Caties Bubbles soaps, slick, protective lather that is very easy to make. It’s very tolerant of water and has quite a wide sweet spot.

This is an 8oz tub of soap and I have put a small dent in it using this month but there are still a few months left in this tub so it is a very long lasting soap.

Now the big decision is what soap to use next?

OSP Neroli & ikon slant

Shavemac TSR Xmas LE
OSP Neroli shaving soap
Ikon slant
Polsilver SI (1)
Superdrug Sierran Breeze aftershave

This was Saturday’s shave but I’ve only just got a spare minute to write about it. Very nice compared to my previous shave using the gillette short comb new. I’m not totally sure why that shave was below par so I’m going to try the short comb with another blade, the new polsilver from yesterday. I’m hoping it was just a blunted blade, but have read the short comb isn’t as smooth as my beloved long comb.

Anyway back to yesterday’s shave above this was the second use of the OSP soap and Shavemac brush.

I wanted to be sure it wasn’t the soap that irritated my skin in the last shave and I’m pleased to report it wasn’t. I got a very nice slick lather from it and the on loan DLC slant is very nice.

No issues getting the blade in straight first time. I’ve been interested in trying out the slant as I like the 102 slant. It’s very similar in shave feel and result but has a bigger blade gap which stops the clogging I’ve had with the 102. Overall I’m not sure I’d get one over the 102 as they are just too similar.

3 passes left me with a nice smooth result which was finished off with a splash of the old cheapy superdrug aftershave with a few menthol crystals to pep it up a bit.

OSP Bay Rum shave

3P preshave
Thater 4125/1
Obsessive Soap Perfectionist Bay Rum
Standard Razor
Polsilver Stainless (4)
Home Made Bay Rum aftershave

Great shave today with this soap from a new UK artisan soap maker from London in the UK. Nice to see an artisan from the UK producing a quality soap.

I’ve picked up 3 of James soaps, the Neroli, Sandalwood and Bay Rum. I’d have to say my favourite scent is the Neroli and I’ve used all 3 now so have a good idea how it performs. I also was involved in testing out some of the previous versions of this soap when James was refining his formula.

Onto the performance of the soap, I’ve found that a damp brush loaded up with a nice amount of soap face lathered adding water along the way develops a nice thick, slick protective lather. The soap is quite thirsty and very tolerant of taking on a lot of water, even with my hard water. No issues loading or lathering this one, it’s pretty fool proof.

It’s quite a hard soap but you can put a dent in it with your finger, a soft hard soap or a hard soft soap.

The scent of the bay rum is very nice and prominent throughout the shave. I’m not the biggest bay rum fan but do like this one. It’ll be interesting to see what future scents James develops.

For today’s I used the Thater and got a great lather, the standard razor had no problems mowing down two days growth but I feel this blade has served it’s purpose and is now in the blade bank.

All finished off with a splash of my home made bay rum aftershave with a good strong menthol hit to round off a really nice shave.

If you’re looking to try out one of James’ soaps check out OSP soaps

SOTD 07/04/15 Haslinger Ringelblumen

Proraso Green preshave
New Forest 1901 2 band badger
7 o’clock open comb on Ikon bulldog handle
Polsilver SI (2)
Haslinger Ringelblumen shaving soap
Myrsol Antesol aftershave

Continuing my travel shaves today, the only real change was the shaving soap used which was the Haslinger Ringelblumen soap.

It’s quite a small puck of soap which is ideal for travelling and this one came with a small plastic case. I did load off the puck the last time I used this soap but today I just used the puck like a big soap stick and just rubbed it around my wet face before taking the damp badger brush and building the lather on my face.

It’s a good performing soap that isn’t overly strong in scent, the Ringelblumen is a marigold scent so is quite floral. My skin didn’t feel dried out after using the soap which is good and the shave felt closer than the previous shave with the same setup.

I finished off with a splash of the Myrsol Antesol. Sad news today that the founder of Myrsol has died. I’d recommend you try Myrsol splash at some point, my favourite is the Plastic Shave as it leaves the skin feeling better than the others I’ve tried in the range.

I went out shopping today and found a really good condition Gillette Tech in the wild and bought a few scents as well.