MWF shave no 7

Trumpers Lime Skinfood
Stirling Synthetic Brush
Feather Pro (2)
Alpa 378 aftershave

Another MWF shave today. I seem to be getting a few spots and a couple of ingrown hairs and I wonder if it’s related to the lanolin in the fat. It’s quite warm at the moment and my skin is naturally oily so I wonder if the moisturising properties of this soap are just too much for this time of year?

I managed to nick a few of the spots too today as well so I am putting thought to stopping using the fat for now. Anyone else has a similar issue?

The Stirling brush did a stirling job of lathering the soap (anyone see the joke, lol). I’m really liking this brush a lot, it just loads up soap really well and feels great on the face and the lather produced is really nice and creamy. The sheer size of it means there is plenty of lather for all 3 passes with some to spare and the flow through is just right. It seems more densely packed than the plisson but even with the higher loft has just a little more backbone to it as well.

Apart from the couple of spots nicked today there were no issues with the mongoose with a nice easy close shave delivered.

I finished off with a splash of the Alpa 378 aftershave which has a nice old fashioned scent similar to Irisch Moos with a touch of menthol. With all the Alpa scents they seem very traditional and I could see these being used in the 1930’s by all the dapper gents of the time. They have really nice skin care properties and the scents aren’t overpowering. I do sometimes find the Irisch Moos a little overpowering and cloying but it’s a great scent.

Anyway that’s me done for another day ready to face the final day at work this week.

MWF shave no 4

No photo today, but today’s shave was:

No preshave
Frank Shaving Purtech
Crabtree & Evelyn Limes cream
Ikon 101
Gillette Silver Blue (1)
Proraso aftershave

As the scent of MWF was getting a little boring I decided to add a dab of cream to my face before lathering up today. I chose the C&E cream which came in a trade with Elcubbo recently.

Well it certainly freshened up the MWF scent with a touch of lime and spices but created a really nice super lather with excellent slip and cushion.

I’m away from home for a few days hence the lack of SOTD photo, but packed a few tubes of cream to liven up the MWF scent and possibly save me from any water quality issues affecting the fat.

As I’m away I haven’t been so bothered or had time to shave so I had about 3 days growth to lose today. No problem for this razor and blade combo. The 101 is never going to get me BBS but certainly visibly presentable.

All finished off with a splash of Proraso what better way to end a shave. I’m pretty sure Proraso is my favourite aftershave of all and one I’ll never be without. Once this bottle is nearly gone I’ll order a 400ml bottle.

Speaking of stocking up I found some Tabac on sale in a shop today so stocked up with a few years worth lol. I can’t resist a bargain.

MWF shave no 3

Trumpers Lime Skinfood
Frank Shaving Purtech
Ikon 101
Schick Super Platinum (3)
TOBS No 74 Limes aftershave

Shave number 3 of the month of Mitchells Wool Fat. Much better lather today with the purtech brush.

I didn’t soak the soap before use and found that I needed to load a bit longer to get enough soap in the brush. One dip in the water seemed enough to get a nice slick lather.

The puck seems even more cracked than when I started at the beginning of the month as you might be able to see in the picture above. No other soap I have seems to do this.

3 passes with the Ikon 101 on a bulldog handle with the Schick blade went without drama and resulted in a nice clean shave. Quite a change of aggressiveness from the ATT H1 and you can’t throw the Ikon round your face with no fear of cuts or irritation.

I find the MWF leaves my skin in very nice condition post shave which a lot of people rave about as a positive of this soap.

I finished off with a splash of the TOBS Limes aftershave which always leaves a nice post shave feel and the scent tends to stick around for a while too which is nice. I’ll be away for a few days but hope to be able to post up a few SOTD posts while I’m away. I just need to pack up my travel stuff and I’m done.

For those of you who might be struggling lathering the fat have a look at this video courtesy of Dubster on YouTube.

MWF day 2

Trumpers Lime Skinfood
L’Occitane Plisson
Above the Tie H1
Schick Super Platinum (2)
Old Spice aftershave

Day 2 of using the MWF soap today. The puck looked a bit more hydrated today but still had some cracks on top. I filled the tub the soap is in with water and left it to soak while I had a shower.

When I came back to it to load up with the plisson most of the cracks seemed to have gone. Part of using this soap for the month is to put a good dent in it so I loaded the brush up well and began face lathering.

The lather seemed a bit better than yesterday and was nice and thick and certainly protected well from the ATT H1. I used the vintage Schick blade I had in my New LC for the last shave and found it still very nice and sharp but smooth. 3 passes and I had a BBS result.

I finished off with a splash of some vintage old spice from the 80’s I was given some time ago. It really did burn but not in the usual way, more like a reaction on my skin. It passed in a few minutes but I don’t think I’ll use this sample as an aftershave but it did smell nice.

I spent the morning putting together a new flat pack storage unit which I’ve transferred most of my shaving stuff into. It certainly looks a lot tidier and gives me something to take my SOTD photos on.

A month of MWF

I’m going to try to use Mitchell’s Wool Fat for the whole of August. It’s going to be tough sticking to one soap but I’m going to give it my best shot.

Today’s shave was:

Omega 49 boar brush
Feather Pro (10)
Fine Clean Vetiver aftershave

My puck of MWF seems to have shrunk and cracked a fair bit through lack of use. I left it soaking while I had a shower and loaded up the big omega boar.

I seemed to get a good lather from the soap but not as good as it has been in the past. I’m hoping some continued use will rehydrate it a bit and improve the performance.

Tenth shave on the feather blade and it showed I think, it’s now in the blade bank and I think it did well to make it this far. Back to DE for a few shaves now.

The good thing about the scent of MWF is it can go with most things so I reached for my bottle of Fine Clean Vetiver to finish off my shave with a nice cooling menthol hit.