Release the Kraken

Mystery Synthetic brush
MLSW The Kraken
Ikon 101
Gillette Silver Blue (3)
Superdrug Sierran Breeze with menthol

First shave away from home today. It’s been a while since I used a Mickey Lee Soapworks soap so took The Kraken to use while away by the sea. Seemed the obvious choice given the marine type barber shop scent.

I’m testing out a mystery synthetic brush at the moment to see how it performs and first use seems good. It reminds me of the Muhle type fibres but with quite a low loft. It’s a 22mm knot with a loft of 48mm which on first look it thought just wouldn’t work out well but it’s surprising me.

I left the Ikon 101 and bulldog handle in my travel bag with the GSB blade so continued using that today. Got a nice shave from it as well so I looked presentable heading out.

I finished off with a splash of the Superdrug Sierran Breeze splash with some menthol crystals mixed in to pep it up. I like to call it Sierran Freeze now.

Picked up a few bits today, Old Spice Original and Champion shower gels and a Hawks Ridge deodorant roll on from Pound Land and two gift sets from TK Maxx. Both Dunhill sets, one called Edition, the other Pursuit. Both very nice scents to me. Quite masculine and spicy.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


Mickey Lee Soapworks Cocoa Maya & Ikon SB

Myrsol Emulsion as Preshave
Simpsons Duke 3 in Best
Mickey Lee Soapworks Cocoa Maya
Ikon SB on J├╝rgen Hempel Ti
Gillette Yellow (2)
David Beckham Instinct Aftershave

The blade was much smoother on shave number 2 today 99% BBS and a real smooth shave.

Keeping with the month of using samples today I chose a sample of the Mickey Lee Soapworks Cocoa Maya shave soap. Lathered up with the Duke with ease with a nice chocolate scent. Really good protection, glide and post skin care. This scent seems a little lighter than some of the other MLSW soaps I have.

Finished off with a splash of witch hazel which I had mixed with a sample of Stirling Lemon Chill aftershave I received a long time ago, it’s got a lot of menthol and even mixed down with witch hazel it’s got a lot of chilling menthol power. A quick splash of the David Beckham aftershave and I was good to go and smelling nice and fresh. A good summer scent and it was quite a nice warm day today after a mixed week of weather, we even had some hail and a thunderstorm here last night. Here’s hoping for some nice weather over the bank holiday weekend.

Mickey Lee Soapworks Hallowed Harvest

Myrsol Emulsion as preshave
Semogue Owners Club 2 band
MLSW Hallowed Harvest
Schick Dial Injector @ 7
Personna blade (2)
Homemade Bay Rum
Ricardo L’homme Sport aftershave

A very nice shave today. First use of the Mickey Lee Hallowed Harvest soap after buying this a few weeks back. It has a similar smell to the Drunken Goat soap but with spices, I guess that’s down to it having ale in the soap formula.

The Semogue 2 band badger brush has plenty of backbone so loading up the soap is easy, it also has really soft tips which feels good on the face. For the money this is a really nice brush that I’d recommend.

I face lathered starting with swirling the brush around to work the lather into my skin and lifting the stubble then began painting the lather on with brush strokes and soon had a nice thick lather ready to shave with. As with other MLSW soaps the lather is nice and thick and slick with good protective qualities.

I upped the Schick adjustable to 7 today for all 3 passes and got a nice smooth close shave with no irritation.

I finished off my shave with a splash of my homemade bay rum which I’d added a bit more scent to but it could still do with a bit more. I’m going to separate some out and add some menthol crystals to see how that goes. As I was lacking in scent I tried a splash of Ricardo L’homme sport a friend gave me. It’s also a little light in scent but has a minty bay rum scent that’s pleasant if a bit fleeting.