Monday is Date Night

Well Strop Shoppe Date Night that is.
I didn’t get much of a chance to post over the weekend, but I did manage to shave. It seemed like the shortest weekend ever and I seemed to lack energy to do anything. I guess that’s what having two young children does to you.

Today’s shave was:

Myrsol Emulsion as preshave
L’occitane Plisson Synthetic brush
Strop Shoppe Date Night soap
B2 Satin Mongoose
Jürgen Hempel Ti
Feather Pro Guard (5)
Brut Sports Style Aftershave

The Strop Shoppe I traded recently for the Reef Point Dragons Blood which didn’t agree with my skin, luckily this does.

The lather seemed to explode over the sides of the bowl loading up, quite bubbly at first then it got nice and creamy in the brush. I rubbed the bubbly lather on my face and worked it in well by hand before beginning face lathering. It seemed to work up into a nice thick lather and I just dipped the brush tips twice in water to hydrate the lather to a nice consistency and it had a good sheen to it. The scent is very nice and similar to Dior Fahrenheit I’d say, very nice indeed and about medium scent, not overpowering. I found the scent lasted throughout the pass.

3 passes and a few touch ups with the mongoose was all good. Switching to the lighter titanium handle made for a change from the heavier Dr Bomber handle I’ve been using although it seems a little head heavy.

Fifth shave off the Pro Guard blade and it felt as if it was struggling a little against the grain and I got a couple of weepers. Maybe it’s time to change the blade? I’m not too sure but do read about 10 shaves are pretty average for a blade. Maybe I’ll put it to one side and revisit it at a later date.

I finished off today’s shave with a splash of the Brut Sports Style aftershave which worked quite well with the scent of the fresh Date Night soap.

I’ve been using the same razor, handle and blade setup over the weekend, the rest was:

Proraso Red Pre
Omega 49
Reef Point Fougere Santal
Myrsol Plastic Shave aftershave

Myrsol Emulsion as preshave
L’occitane Plisson Synth
Soap Commander Vision
L’occitane Verdon aftershave
One Planet balm

Cold River Soapworks Nouvelle Fougere

Proraso Red Preshave
L’Occitane Synthetic Shaving Brush
CRSW Nouvelle Fougere
Merkur 37c Slant
Personna Platinum Chrome (1)

Today was the first try of a Cold River Soapworks shaving soap for me, as a friend lent me a tub of the Nouvelle Fougere scent to try.

It has a nice typical fougere scent which is fern like, but with a touch of anise, which I liked and felt it gave a different scent to the typical fougere scents I’ve tried so far. I’d say it’s a medium strong scent which I could still smell at the end of each pass.

The performance is very good and I found this very easy to load and lather. I found it needed a fair bit of water to get the lather where I wanted it, so would say it’s a pretty thirsty soap. The lather was nice and thick and protective, but maybe lacked a little residual slickness for any touch ups.

I found the post shave skincare to be excellent and I didn’t use any aftershave or balm because of this, and also I still keep getting hints of the scent of the soap some 2 hours later.

I switched to a Personna Platinum Chrome blade today, which for me is quite a mild blade which I wanted to see how the slant transformed. It didn’t feel especially sharp but did a good job at removing the stubble with no irritation or razor burn.

I’m quite liking the smaller slant but as I own a 39c I won’t be getting one myself.

That’s another shave down so time to think about what to use next time around. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment below.

Soap Commander Passion

3P pre shave
Plisson Synthetic shaving brush
Soap Commander Passion
Merkur 37c slant
Vintage English Wilkinson (1)
Alcolado Glacial aftershave
Trumpers Skinfood West Indian Limes

I hadn’t shaved in 3 days and this was my first shave back home after being on holiday last week. I didn’t blog my last shave where I used a sample of Le Père Lucien, which I really liked. The post shave of the LPL was really good, so much so I didn’t use any splash or balm afterwards. I’ll use it again in the near future and blog my thoughts but to me it was a much better performer than MdC.

Anyway on to today’s shave. While I was away I missed using the Plisson synthetic brush so I knew that would be the first brush I used once I was back home. I’d also just received the Soap Commander Passion soap as well so wanted to give that a try as well. I also just received a passaround Merkur 37c slant and with 3 days stubble to mow down it was a great choice of razor for the job.

The Soap Commander soaps are my favourite soaps of all at the moment and I have 3 tubs Passion, Respect and Resolution. The Passion has a really nice spicy scent to it of cardamom and teakwood. I get a hint of cinnamon in the scent too. It has the usual great Soap Commander performance of thick slick lather which is very protective and gives great post shave skin feel.

The Merkur 37c slant paired with a vintage English Wilkinson blade made light work of my 3 day stubble, after just one pass I looked presentable again but I continued on with 3 passes to get nice and smooth. I own the bigger Merkur 39c slant but found the smaller version seemed a bit easier to manoeuvre around my face. I’ll use the 37c for the rest of the week to give it a full comparison but after the first shave today I think I prefer the 37c.

As it’s been quite a hot day today I finished off with a splash of Alcolado Glacial aftershave to cool off with its menthol goodness. I must say I’m sure it was more cooling the last time I used it so I might have to try adding a few menthol crystals to it to make it more of a face freezer. It has a nice citrusy scent which I thought would go well with the Trumpers Lime Skinfood I’m trying to use up.

If your wondering what’s at the top of my picture above its a Bluetooth speaker I used to listen to the brush and blade podcast whilst I was showering and shaving. It’s a good podcast to listen to, so if you get a chance have a listen.

SOTD 01/03/15

L’Occitane Synthetic
Dapper Dragon Ice Wyrm
Merkur 39c slant
Rimei blade (1)
T&H Trafalgar ASB
T&H Trafalgar Cologne

I hadn’t had a shave since Thursday night so I had 3 days growth to get rid of. I thought of a few razors that would do the job, but chose the Merkur slant.

First try of the Dapper Dragon soap sample provided by Mike of ThePathToSmoothness thanks Mike. The scent of the soap is a nice fresh mint scent, which I kept smelling throughout the shave. It’s a soft soap which loads up easily, about 15 seconds loading the brush was enough for a 3 pass shave, with lather to spare.

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