OSP – Special UKWSS Edition soap and splash

The Dandy Gent facial scrub
3P preshave
New Forest Tubby 1
OSP – UKWSS Herb Garden soap
Above the Tie H1
English Wilkinson Sword (2)
OSP – UKWSS Herb Garden aftershave tonic

First try tonight of the newest OSP soap with their first aftershave tonic. Also the first try of the New Forest brush which just arrived today.

The usual great OSP soap performance with a nice hint of menthol. The scent is really nice on this one with lavender and herbs, quite a strong scent too. On opening the tub you are hit with a very natural English lavender scent which is strong at first but once lathered moves towards the back while the herbs and mint scents come to the front. Super slick protective lather from this one, whipped up with ease with the tubby. The menthol hit on the soap is just right for me, not a face freezer like some of my other soaps but just enough to cool and give you a tingle.

A fairly uneventful shave with the ATT mowing down anything in it’s path effectively. The old vintage blade is still going strong and feels nice and smooth. The lighter Jurgen Hempel handle tends to make for a nicer balance with the aggressive H plate as well. The end result is nice and close.

3 passes done then onto the new splash. It matches the soap well and has a nice menthol hit which grows. It’s got more of a kick than the soap and probably a touch more than my usual menthol splashes bar the Osage Rub, nothing is that chilly after all.

Overall a very nice cooling refreshing shave and my skin feels good.

A little bit of Gusto

Trumpers Lime Skinfood
Plisson Synthetic brush
Soap Commander Gusto
Feather Pro (5)
Soap Commander Gusto balm

So indecisive today on what to use so I let my son choose. The boy done well choosing Soap Commander and the Plisson.

I left a little water on the soap and soaked the brush while I showered and in an attempt to use up the skinfood applied a good amount to my wet face as a preshave.

Lathered up the soap with the Plisson and probably didn’t quite add enough water at first but that was soon corrected dipping the tips of the brush a few times.

After using the Stirling brush for the last few shaves the Plisson felt quite small and lacking a little backbone. None the less it still produced a great lather and more than enough for three passes.

This soap smells great and the lather is very nice, thick, rich and slick. Soap commander is definitely my favourite soap and it’s hard to believe it’s a vegan soap as the lather has all the qualities of a good tallow soap. Post shave feel is also excellent and isn’t at all drying like some vegan soaps which I put down to the shea butter.

Again an effortless shave from the Mongoose paired with the Jürgen Hempel Titanium handle. This blade is showing no signs of giving up as yet.

I finished up with the matching Soap Commander Gusto balm to continue the great scent and give me my menthol fix.

That’s me done for another day and ready to face the world again in the morning.

Monday is Date Night

Well Strop Shoppe Date Night that is.
I didn’t get much of a chance to post over the weekend, but I did manage to shave. It seemed like the shortest weekend ever and I seemed to lack energy to do anything. I guess that’s what having two young children does to you.

Today’s shave was:

Myrsol Emulsion as preshave
L’occitane Plisson Synthetic brush
Strop Shoppe Date Night soap
B2 Satin Mongoose
Jürgen Hempel Ti
Feather Pro Guard (5)
Brut Sports Style Aftershave

The Strop Shoppe I traded recently for the Reef Point Dragons Blood which didn’t agree with my skin, luckily this does.

The lather seemed to explode over the sides of the bowl loading up, quite bubbly at first then it got nice and creamy in the brush. I rubbed the bubbly lather on my face and worked it in well by hand before beginning face lathering. It seemed to work up into a nice thick lather and I just dipped the brush tips twice in water to hydrate the lather to a nice consistency and it had a good sheen to it. The scent is very nice and similar to Dior Fahrenheit I’d say, very nice indeed and about medium scent, not overpowering. I found the scent lasted throughout the pass.

3 passes and a few touch ups with the mongoose was all good. Switching to the lighter titanium handle made for a change from the heavier Dr Bomber handle I’ve been using although it seems a little head heavy.

Fifth shave off the Pro Guard blade and it felt as if it was struggling a little against the grain and I got a couple of weepers. Maybe it’s time to change the blade? I’m not too sure but do read about 10 shaves are pretty average for a blade. Maybe I’ll put it to one side and revisit it at a later date.

I finished off today’s shave with a splash of the Brut Sports Style aftershave which worked quite well with the scent of the fresh Date Night soap.

I’ve been using the same razor, handle and blade setup over the weekend, the rest was:

Proraso Red Pre
Omega 49
Reef Point Fougere Santal
Myrsol Plastic Shave aftershave

Myrsol Emulsion as preshave
L’occitane Plisson Synth
Soap Commander Vision
L’occitane Verdon aftershave
One Planet balm

Lavender weekend

Proraso Red Preshave
New Forest 1901 2 band
Catie’s Bubbles Purple Grapefruit
Schick Dial @ 6
Personna blade (?)
Alpa Fougere Cologne

Another busy bank holiday weekend meant I didn’t get chance to blog Saturday’s shave. Let’s talk about today’s shave while its fresh in my head.

I bought a sample of the Catie’s Bubbles Purple Grapefruit in a recent order to see if the scent was for me. Not good news for the bank account because I like it and will pick up a tub in the future.

The usual CB soap performance, it might have just been how I lathered up today but it felt slicker than some of the others I have tried.

A nice scent which starts off mainly with the lavender, but a nice lavender that isn’t over powering with a little sweetness from the grapefruit. Throughout the shave I kept getting little bursts of the sweet grapefruit scent and then relathering for each pass got a boost of the relaxing lavender scent.

The Schick performed well and left me pretty much BBS after 3 passes. I do like the Schick as you can bear down a bit on the most persistent areas of stubble with no fear of nicks or irritation.

A quick splash of the Alpa Fougere cologne and I was done. It has a nice fougere scent which went well with the lavender and drys down to a clean powdery scent.

Following on with the lavender theme Saturday’s shave was
Myrsol Emulsion
New Forest 1901 2 band
Nannys Silly Soap French Lavender Olive Oil recipe
Ikon 102 on Jürgen Hempel Ti
Gillette Yellow (3)
La Toja Aftershave

First try of the Nannys Silly Soap Olive Oil French Lavender soap which a friend gave me with about one shave left in the tin. Unlike most soaps with olive oil this actually lathers and doesn’t break down, I think the olive oil gives this a bit more slickness as well. Good clean lavender scent with this one too and I had a good shave with the Ikon slant.

I finished off with a splash of the La Toja aftershave which is very nice and smells to me a bit like Drakkar Noir. I recently got an Al Rehab perfume oil called Dakar which is a clone of Drakkar Noir and a few days left me smelling good all afternoon.

So good perhaps it lead to a few purchases later on in the day, well I’m blaming smelling good anyway lol.

I now have about 9 soaps on their way to me along with 2 bottles of Fine aftershave courtesy of the shaving station. They are really nice people to deal with and if you spend over £20 you got a free Haslinger soap so that’s one of the 9 soaps winging their way to me through the post.

Luckily I never bought into the whole DE shaving to save money, just a better smoother shave with no irritation and ingrown hairs. I always had a thing for scents and smelling good since my late teens, and always want to try the latest things from the newest chocolate bar to the latest multi blade cartridge. I’m sure some of you have great will power and can stick to the most minimal of setup, and I’m very jealous of you.

Mickey Lee Soapworks Cocoa Maya & Ikon SB

Myrsol Emulsion as Preshave
Simpsons Duke 3 in Best
Mickey Lee Soapworks Cocoa Maya
Ikon SB on Jürgen Hempel Ti
Gillette Yellow (2)
David Beckham Instinct Aftershave

The blade was much smoother on shave number 2 today 99% BBS and a real smooth shave.

Keeping with the month of using samples today I chose a sample of the Mickey Lee Soapworks Cocoa Maya shave soap. Lathered up with the Duke with ease with a nice chocolate scent. Really good protection, glide and post skin care. This scent seems a little lighter than some of the other MLSW soaps I have.

Finished off with a splash of witch hazel which I had mixed with a sample of Stirling Lemon Chill aftershave I received a long time ago, it’s got a lot of menthol and even mixed down with witch hazel it’s got a lot of chilling menthol power. A quick splash of the David Beckham aftershave and I was good to go and smelling nice and fresh. A good summer scent and it was quite a nice warm day today after a mixed week of weather, we even had some hail and a thunderstorm here last night. Here’s hoping for some nice weather over the bank holiday weekend.

WSP Vetiver and Ikon SB

Preshave Oil
Omega 49 boar
WSP Vetiver
Ikon SB on Jürgen Hempel Ti handle
Gillette 7 o’clock Yellow (1)
Quorum Aftershave

A super smooth shave tonight from the above setup. The yellow 7 o’clock blade is nice and sharp, this was the second blade I bought in bulk when I started wet shaving about 5 years ago. It certainly delivered the results tonight. They aren’t the smoothest of blades I find so I gave the blade a quick hand strop before loading it into the Ikon head.

The sample of WSP Vetiver soap is a good strong scent that is more like a fresh green vetiver scent than the more smoky vetiver scents I’ve used recently. I decided to use the big omega boar tonight using the Marco method of lathering, which resulted in huge amounts of dense slick lather with more than enough for probably another shave.

I am really liking to Ikon at the moment so I’ll have one more shave with it to see how the gillette blade smooths out for the second shave then swap to another razor.

I finished off my shave with a good splash of Quorum aftershave which has a nice manly woody scent with a touch of tobacco too. It’s quite similar to the Woodspice I used recently and lingers for quite a while. I’ve just ordered another brush which should be here by next week. I’m looking forward to that and will post about it once it arrives.