The end is here…

Nuage preshave oil
Brad Sears S8 manchurian 26mm
Caties Bubbles La Terre Verte
Ikon 102 with Bulldog handle
Polsilver SI (1)
Figaro Monsieur aftershave

I’m away from home for a few days but didn’t have to put any thought into what soap to pack, razor and aftershave were the harder decisions this time around.

I’m actually enjoying using this soap consistently and seem to have the lather dialled in to just how I want it.

The new Brad Sears brush suits me perfectly and I think I’d happily just use this as my only brush if I had too. It’s just so soft on the face with no scritch at all. The Manchurian hair seems to have the backbone to load up and make a great lather as well but also releases it nicely. The knot has bloomed out well and the size of the 26mm knot means it holds ample lather for my three passes with plenty left behind.

I always get a drama free shave from the ikon 102 head and the polsilver blade is probably one of my favourite blades, sharp and smooth and I usually get a good 4 shaves from a blade.

I like the figaro aftershave and seeing as I had decanted some to a smaller bottle it made sense to put it in my travel bag to take away.

Monday & Thursday

Same as the above, I travelled pretty light this time around. 16 shaves in total with the LTV this month.

So that’s the end of my monogamous March shaves and as I go into April I’ll finally get to use some of these new soaps I have gotten recently. So what have I learnt over the last month of shaves?

I still like the scent of this soap a lot, even after extended use. It’s right up there with my favourite scents. I wish there was an EDT like this, I’d certainly buy it. The scent is listed as oakmoss, sandalwood and patchouli. I’ve definitely got a weakness for all three of those individual scents but the way they are mixed in this soap is incredible. It’s fresh and sweet and green and has got to be in my top 5 soap scents.

Performance is as you would expect from Caties Bubbles soaps, slick, protective lather that is very easy to make. It’s very tolerant of water and has quite a wide sweet spot.

This is an 8oz tub of soap and I have put a small dent in it using this month but there are still a few months left in this tub so it is a very long lasting soap.

Now the big decision is what soap to use next?

Cold River Soap Works Sandalwood

3P preshave
Thater 4125/1
CRSW Sandalwood
Ikon 102 slant
English Wilkinson Sword (7)
Mennen Skin Bracer aftershave

Only used this soap a few times since I got it in the summer, I had a really good shave with it today. Nice sandalwood scent with good slickness and glide. The Thater does a great job of working up lather with brilliant face feel from the soft hooked tips.

After using the Standard for the last 6 shaves I felt like a change so reached for the ikon 102 paired with the SE handle for a bit of weight. Very easy shave with the English Wilkie blade on its 7th shave, these blades last the longest of any blade I have and it feels as good as the first shave. 3 passes and I was done.

After reading a post on a forum about alum I thought I would dust off my old block and give it a try. I don’t like the feeling it leaves on my face but I’ll see how it goes for a few shaves.

After washing off the alum I had a good splash of Mennen Skin Bracer to round off the shave with a good menthol kick. My face feels a little dry which I’m putting down to the alum block.

Dr Harris Marlborough & ikon 102

SOC 2 Band Badger brush
Dr Harris Marlborough Shaving Soap
Ikon 102 Slant on Tuckaway handle
Sputnik (2)
British Sterling Aftershave

First go with the Marlborough soap, performs the same as the Windsor soap with a nice thick creamy lather, but with a subtle woody scent.

Tons of lather built up with the SOC 2 band brush. This brush has plenty of backbone and really soft tips. Definitely a great brush for the price.

I tried out the tiny Tuckaway handle with the 102 slant. On first look you wonder how such a small handle will work, but it does work really well and makes the razor easy to manoeuvre around your face.

Very smooth results all round with the sputnik on its second shave, these blades are cheap but very good. I almost want to stock up on more.

All rounded off with a good splash of British Sterling aftershave, a really nice scent which always reminds me of a cross between old spice and Trumpers Spanish leather.

All in all a really good shave. I went for a barbershop shave earlier this week and although the experience is very relaxing it just wasn’t as smooth as I can get at home, but obviously a much nicer experience than trying to use a shavette at home!

Razorock The Stallion

3P preshave
Rooney Emillion 1
Razorock The Stallion
Ikon 102 with SE handle
Sputnik (1)
Myrsol Plastic aftershave
AdP Oud

I forgot till I was mid shave that I had a sample of the AdP Oud, hence the change to an aftershave that wouldn’t hang around and clash.

First try of this soap and I love the scent. A really nice oud scent which is a dead ringer for the AdP Oud scent. The usual great razorock performance from this soap which looking at the label is the tallow version. Good post shave feel and not drying for me.

I picked up an ikon SE handle so paired that with the 102 slant for a nice easy shave with the new Sputnik blade. The handle gives some nice weight to the shave and a good length.

Finished with the Myrsol Plastic Shave for its fleeting scent so I could have a few squirts of the AdP Oud to continue the great oud scent of the soap.

All in all a very nice shave. Here’s the combined mailcall of this morning.
I’m looking forward to trying out all this stuff.

PAA Speak Easy & ikon 102 slant

Mystery Synthetic Brush
PAA Speak Easy
Ikon 102 slant
Schick Platinum Plus (5)
Floid Black Aftershave
Ed Hardy Villain EDT

Nice result today, I couldn’t remember how many shaves I’d had off this old vintage blade, looking back its 5 and it didn’t show any sign of giving up.

I had a good shave Saturday night but didn’t take a photo or write about it. I used Taylor of Old Bond Street Mr Taylor cream and a 24mm silvertip with the ikon 102 and the Schick blade and got a really close shave. I used the Gold Dollar straight as well for most of the first pass too.

Today I used the synthetic brush I’ve been testing out with the PAA Speak Easy soap and was really impressed by the way this brush worked up a lather. I had a bit of soap stuck to the lid of the tin which was enough to get three good passes with some lather to spare. The soap has a nice scent which reminds me a bit of Dior Fahrenheit and the performance is really good with nice slickness and glide.

I finished off today with a little Floid Black aftershave which leaves the skin feeling nice and soft and has quite a modern scent. It doesn’t hang around for long so I followed up with a couple of squirts of Ed Hardy The Villain.

Soap Commander Gusto

Myrsol Emulsion preshave
L’Occitane Plisson Synthetic
Soap Commander Gusto soap
Ikon Shavecraft Slant
Jürgen Hempel Ti handle
Feather blade (2)
Soap Commander Gusto aftershave balm

This was Saturday’s shave, but I didn’t get time to post this yesterday. It was a very warm day yesterday, quite the opposite to today where it’s much cooler and rainy outside.

Anyway the scent of the Gusto is really nice and a great refreshing summer scent. It’s pretty much as it says on the label, raspberries and lemonade. Time will tell if this becomes my favourite Soap Commander scent but it’s right near the top with my number 1 scent Respect.

The performance is the same as any other Soap Commander soap i.e. great. When lathered up with the Plisson I got a really nice thick slick lather. I’m not sure how Carrie and Darren do it but it is just like a good tallow soap and certainly seems richer and thicker than any other vegan soap I’ve tried.

I decided to use the Ikon 102 slant with the once used feather blade which I used in the Phoenix Dbl OC last time around. Although a feather blade is nice and sharp, I find they aren’t the smoothest of blades and don’t last very long before the edge gets uncomfortable. I got a good shave second time around but I’m not sure I’d push for a third shave.

To finish off I used the Soap Commander Gusto balm. I’m not a huge balm fan but heard that the Soap Commander balms are really good. Those thoughts were right, it’s very nice stuff, not too greasy but soothes the skin and has a nice menthol kick. This to me smells exactly like the soap.

Well now all that remains is to work out what to use next time!

Reef Point Dragons Blood & Ikon 102

Proraso Red Preshave
Rooney Heritage Emillion
Reef Point Dragons Blood
Ikon 102 Slant
Jürgen Hempel Ti handle
English Wilkinson (3)
Witch Hazel
Proraso aftershave splash

On to another new soap today with the Reef Point Dragons Blood. This has a really nice scent which is quite unusual compared to other soaps I have. But I do like it a lot.

I loaded up the Rooney Emillion brush which had been soaking in warm water while I showered and gave it a quick squeeze and shake so it was just damp. The soap loaded easily and after about 30 seconds of loading I started face lathering.

Unfortunately it all went wrong here and I started to get an irritated feeling on my skin. The lather was really nice though so I pushed on for one pass, but couldn’t go further than that. I suspect that it was the vanilla in the scent that may have caused the irritation.

I finished the rest of my shave with another new soap, Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Speakeasy. No issues with that soap and the rest of the shave was drama free for the remaining two passes.

Good performance from the slant and Wilkinson blade.

I finished off with a good splash of witch hazel on a cotton pad to ease the irritation and a splash of Proraso aftershave and both of these have helped ease the irritated feeling.

Shame as I really liked the scent of the soap and the performance was good. I’ll definitely try some other scents in the Reef Point range.

No picture today as I changed a few things from my original picture due to the issues with the soap.

Soapy Bathman Cigar Lounge

Myrsol Emulsion
Omega 66
Soapy Bathman Cigar Lounge
Ikon 102 w Jürgen Hempel Ti
English Wilkinson (2)
Fine Platinum AS

Today after coming home to a few deliveries consisting of about 9 soaps I decided to try the Soapy Bathman Cigar Lounge soap.

The packaging really surprised me as it comes with a plastic seal and another cover once you open the lid. Certainly no fear of anyone opening a soap before you when it arrives. A nice touch but not one I’ve come across before.

The soap does look a bit strange at first as it has a sort of white bubbly layer on top of the soap but that goes away after a quick soak in water and it’s all gone after the first loading of the soap.

It’s a very hard soap and I’d read up on this and people had said as its so hard you need to load it up well. I decided to give it a good soak with water while I showered and used the omega boar brush.

Being over cautious I loaded for about 45 seconds with a damp brush which I think may have been a little too long. I had a very thick paste in the bristles but after working into my stubble and adding water along the way I soon got the lather to the consistency I like.

The lather was nice and thick and seemed to glide really well during the shave, certainly a good performer and I didn’t have any issues with the lather breaking down as I had read in some reviews. The only thing that let me down slightly was the scent. But that’s a personal thing but on this first use I’m not a big fan. I’ll give it a few tries before making a decision as there is something in there I like. It’s a rich scent but not overpowering in use.

Post shave felt good and not drying at all and no tightness of the skin. A quick splash of my new Fine Accoutrements Platinum splash to finish off what was a great feeling shave after nearly 3 days it felt good to be smooth again.