OSP Grapefruit and Menthol

Brad Sears S8 Manchurian
OSP Grapefruit & Menthol
Ikon Standard Bar
Gillette Swede (5)
Floid Black Aftershave

A nice cooling shave after cutting the grass and doing some bits around the garden.

The menthol on this soap is about my limit for cooling, a proper face freezer for me but I guess probably not as much of a face freezer as some others. I’d say it was on a similar level to the Stirling Margaritas in the Arctic soap I have. The menthol does seem to over power the grapefruit scent though which is a shame.

The ikon SB gave a close shave but probably not as close as I have been getting from the Wolfman WR1. The Gillette Swede blade was still going strong on its fifth shave.

I finished off with the fruity Floid Black aftershave which matched the scent quite well and gave me a break from more menthol. A few hours have passed so I just had a few sprays of Penhaligons Blenheim Bouquet to keep me going till bedtime.

A Fine Saturday morning shave

Brad Sears S8 Manchurian
Ikon B1 slant on Bulldog handle
Gillette Swede (4)
Fine American Blend shaving soap and aftershave

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a shave. I’ve been keeping fairly busy of late and I haven’t really bought a lot lately. I feel I’m at that stage where I’m pretty content with the software and hardware I have at the moment and don’t often get drawn into buying new stuff.

I’ve recently borrowed a Wolfman razor from a friend and it does give a good shave and looks really nice but I think ultimately, in my opinion it isn’t worth the high cost for the end result. I’ll be sending it back soon so I’ll try to put up a post with my thoughts and go in depth a little more.

Back to today’s shave and I’ve been hankering to use the Fine Accoutrements American Blend soap again. I got this a while back direct from the USA but I see they are now available from a few UK vendors but the prices seem quite high for just a puck of soap without a container.

The soap is very good and has that nice YSL Rive Gauche type of scent, loading up the big Brad Sear Manchurian knot was fairly easy after leaving the soap to soak in a little water in the old spice mug where it now lives. I worked a lather up on my face adding water a little at a time and soon had mountains of thick slick lather. I’ve seen this soap compared to Tabac but to me the lather is just one tiny notch lower in quality than Tabac, but it is definitely up there with the best.

I’ve decided to use the ikon slant today after using the Wolfman pretty much solidly for well over a week. Straight away I noticed how much more noisy the slant is, almost as loud as those old 1912 type SE razors. With a light touch it delivers a very smooth feeling close shave. This old “Swede” blade is still going well so I think I’ll push it for one more shave.

I rounded off my shave with a nice cooling blast of the matching Fine aftershave which did burn a little so maybe the slant was a little harsher than it felt in use. I then had a few sprays of vintage YSL Rive Gauche to keep the scent going. About 9 hours later I can still smell it.

A Citrus Shave with Tiki Land Locked

Village Barber Oil
S&C Silvertip
Tiki Bar Soap Land Locked
Ikon SB
Gillette Swede (3)
Florida Water

A very orange scented citrus shave today, well it’s been a sunny day so why not.

Nice lather from the Tiki tallow soap which has a nice sweet orange type of scent and lathers very easily.

Not sure if this blade suits the SB too well. Maybe it’s a bit too sharp so I’m going to switch it to a milder razor for the next shave. I finished the last pass with the mongoose ATG on my neck for my skins sake.

Quick splash of the spicy citrus Florida Water to finish off and feel the burn. I know it’s more of a cologne than aftershave but it does leave my skin feeling nice once the burn settles down.

All in all a pleasant shave.

Ikon SB & Gillette Swede

Village Barber Oil
Whipped Dog 24mm High Mountain
Razorock Son of Zeus
Ikon SB
Gillette Swede (1)
Fine Clean Vetiver

Saturday’s shave was the above setup. First try of this brush and soap. Very impressed by both of these and got a very slick lather. Nice BBS shave before heading off to a party that night. I used the Clean Vetiver to finish off and compliment the Tom Ford Grey Vetiver EDT I was going to wear. I’ll have to get the Fresh Vetiver at some point which is a closer match.

My usual Sunday night shave didn’t happen. I seemed to have picked up a bug so went to bed early yesterday to rest up. So today’s shave was:

Village Barber Oil
Restored Rubberset 24mm Silvertip
Soap Commander Passion
Ikon SB
Gillette Swede (2)
Figaro Gold aftershave

This is what I needed after feeling sick the last 24 hours, a good shave.

Nice slick protective lather from the soap commander soap as ever.

I had to be a bit careful round a couple of spots on my neck. The SB can be quite aggressive so I didn’t want to nick myself.

I had a quick splash of witch hazel before a splash of the Figaro Gold aftershave. I wanted to try to clear the spots a bit with the witch hazel.

My skin feels good now, nice and soft and smooth. I still feel a bit rough with this bug but I’m hoping I can shift it soon.