Cobra Classic and CRSW Puro Fresco

3P Preshave
Midas Custom Rubberset 400
CRSW Puro Fresco
Cobra Classic
Feather Pro (1)
Floid Blue Aftershave

First try of the Cobra Classic today and it’s a really nice shaver. To me it feels more efficient than the mongoose and maybe just a tad smoother. I’ve not tried the mongoose for a while so it’ll be good to compare the two again soon.

Nice lather whipped up with the Midas Custom Brush that arrived last week. It’s the third shave using this brush and it’s breaking in nicely. Plenty of backbone with nice soft tips on this 26mm high mountain knot.

The CRSW is a really nice soap with a unique fresh floral scent. Plenty of slickness and good post shave feel.

All finished off with a splash of Floid Blue. It doesn’t get better than this.

Sweet Comb Chicago Shaving Soap


3P preshave
Stirling Kong synthetic
Sweet Comb Chicago Shaving Soap
Standard Razor
English Wilkinson Sword blade (1)
Floid Blue aftershave

First try of this new soap sent for review. The ingredients list is like a who’s who of great skincare ingredients and post shave my skin feels good.

It’s quite a hard soap but leaving it to soak while I had a shower meant it loaded easily with the Stirling synthetic brush.

A quick load of about 20 seconds and face lathering adding a little water at a time and I had a nice thick protective lather with plenty of glide.

The scent is quite light and natural smelling, hints of citrus and something quite sweet. Certainly not a synthetic scent and I’m told the scent comes from the flowers the honey bees collect their nectar from.

Overall a good soap I’d be happy to recommend. Check out the Sweet Comb Chicago website for more information. I even learnt a few facts about the bees reading through.

The Standard and Wilky blade combo delivered a BBS result tonight. Got my cooling menthol hit from the Floid Blue too

TSN Flying Mango & Gillette Red Tip

3P preshave
TSN Flying Mango
Simpsons Duke 3
Gillette Red Tip
7 o’clock Yellow (1)
Floid Blue aftershave

Really good shave today with this new soap. It seemed amazingly slick with a lot of residual slickness, if all the Saponificio Varesino soaps perform like this I can see a few more being purchased. Nice scent too, kind of a green tobacco scent.

Got the red tip out today for a change of pace, really nice close shave with the gillette blade.

All finished off with some Floid Blue, this is a really nice aftershave right up there with my favourite Proraso splash. Well tomorrow I’ll be back to my rotation of 3 soaps in the hope of finishing one off before Christmas. Here’s hoping!

Old Spice and the OCMM

3P preshave
Rooney Emillion
Old Spice soap
Open Comb Micromatic
Gem blade
Floid Blue aftershave

A little late posting this up as this was yesterday mornings shave.

Really nice performance from the vintage Old Spice shaving soap. First try for me but I see why this soap gets such high praise from those that have used it. This one still has plenty of scent left in it as well.

East to lather with the Rooney brush and three passes with the OCMM went well and left me clean shaven.

A few sprays of Floid Blue to finish up and I was good to go.

I do seem to have one ingrown hair this morning so I think maybe the OCMM got me just a little too close in that area. Maybe I’ll go with something a little milder later on today.

Dapper Dragon Signature and the Mongoose

Razorock Chubby
Dapper Dragon Signature
Gold Dollar Straight
Feather Pro (8)
Floid Blue after shave

Nice shave today. First pass mostly with the straight apart from just under the chin.

I really loaded up a lot of soap today and probably had about 3 more passes worth after my 3 pass shave with the Razorock Chubby. I think this brush is breaking in well and really blooming and giving up the lather more easily.

New soap today with the Dapper Dragon Signature soap. A really nice scent and my favourite of the range of the 3 I have tried so far. A fruity scent with really nice thick slick lather that leaves a lot of residual slickness behind. That’s a quality I really like in a soap.

Finished off the first pass and remaining passes with the goose and this feather pro blade is bearing up well. Super smooth finish!

I finished off with a few sprays of the Floid Blue after shave which smells great and left my skin feeling good. Once that had died down I had a few sprays of Tom Ford Grey Vetiver and headed out the door.