SOTD 30.06.18

Well it’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been really busy and also lost a little bit of interest in chasing the latest, must have shaving stuff. I’ve definitely got a lot more cynical of the latest, greatest soap, which gets hyped by the same old people and then suddenly you never see them mentioned anymore.

I’ve been spending my time using up the stuff I have and quite a few samples I have accumulated along the way. I’ve come to realise that the new hyped soaps really don’t offer much over the old staples like Proraso and TOBS, other than a bigger variety of scents. Still it can be pretty fun along the way trying stuff, but you tend to hit a point where you have too much stuff and a pile of soaps you haven’t even tried yet.

Anyway, enough moaning, on to today’s shave.

3P preshave

SV Silvertip

Arianna & Evans Monte Carlo

Colonial Brass General with Feather Pro

Myrsol Plastic Shave

Dior Sauvage

It’s been a while since I used a preshave but I used 3P today as I didn’t have much time for a good prep and it was so warm I wanted some menthol to cool me down. I left it on for a while and did some other things, letting my brush soak at the same time.

When I started to wet my face and lather up I decided it was so warm that I’d use some cooler than usual water for today’s shave.

The soap loaded up fairly easily into the brush and seemed to be forming a good lather whilst it was loading. The scent is quite similar to Sauvage but the scent strength isn’t all that strong. About a 4 or 5 to my nose, a little disappointing. It’s a vegan soap and the first pass wasn’t all that impressive, I thought, oh no, another over hyped soap.

The next two passes seemed much better with nice slickness and glide and good protection. The brass General is a really great razor and I’m glad I managed to pick one up a while ago after trying out a friends.

I washed off the soap and noticed that I seemed to have got a really close shave. I used the Myrsol because I don’t really have an aftershave that smells much like Sauvage and I know the Myrsol scent doesn’t last all that long. Great face feel and menthol cooling from their splashes though. Choose your favourite scent and get one if you’ve never tried one, you won’t be disappointed.

Finished off with a few sprays and Dior Sauvage and set about a busy day in the garden. I was already a fragrance addict when I started the blog but it seems to have got worse recently.

Hopefully I’ll blog more often if life doesn’t get in the way. Most days I get my evening shave done and go to bed.

Shannons Lady Luck

Trumpers Lime Skinfood
Stirling Synthetic brush
Shannons Lady Luck
Feather Pro (9)
Myrsol Antesol
YSL La Nuit de L’ Homme EDT

Not the best shave today. I can’t really pinpoint why. The lather looked good, usual prep also. I thought it might have been the blade and even switched from the mongoose to the Aristocrat on the side with a once used Sputnik blade which seemed fine on my last shave but still rough today. I guess it was just one of those days.

Still a nice cooling splash of Antesol sorted me out with a nice menthol hit. It’s getting chilly outside and I was even eyeing up the scuttle today. It won’t be long I’m sure.

A couple of squirts of the YSL EDT later on to give myself something nice to smell for the rest of the evening.

Dapper Dragon Signature and the Mongoose

Razorock Chubby
Dapper Dragon Signature
Gold Dollar Straight
Feather Pro (8)
Floid Blue after shave

Nice shave today. First pass mostly with the straight apart from just under the chin.

I really loaded up a lot of soap today and probably had about 3 more passes worth after my 3 pass shave with the Razorock Chubby. I think this brush is breaking in well and really blooming and giving up the lather more easily.

New soap today with the Dapper Dragon Signature soap. A really nice scent and my favourite of the range of the 3 I have tried so far. A fruity scent with really nice thick slick lather that leaves a lot of residual slickness behind. That’s a quality I really like in a soap.

Finished off the first pass and remaining passes with the goose and this feather pro blade is bearing up well. Super smooth finish!

I finished off with a few sprays of the Floid Blue after shave which smells great and left my skin feeling good. Once that had died down I had a few sprays of Tom Ford Grey Vetiver and headed out the door.

Italian Barber delivery shave

Trumpers Lime Skinfood
Razorock Chubby Silvertip
Razorock SMDF soap
Mongoose with Jürgen Hempel Ti
Feather Pro (7)
Razorock Baby Blue Aftershave

So a few things arrived from an Italian Barber order placed with a friend and we went halves on a couple of the big splash bottles, Baby Blue and Figaro Monsieur.

I also had to try out the huge Chubby brush which is the biggest badger brush I own. 27.5mm knot with about a 50mm loft with nice soft tips and just enough backbone, more than I was expecting for a silvertip. After a test lather last night it bloomed nicely and I think it will just get better with use. It certainly seems to be a lather machine.

The soap is really nice also with a scent that seemed to really grow when lathered. The scent is a tobacco type of scent with eucalyptus and menthol and I could pick out the camphor quite strongly. A really nice masculine scent.

It performs really well and produced a nice thick slick lather which was protective and not drying at all.

Another quick go with the straight razor on the cheeks before finishing up with the mongoose. My strop arrived today so I gave the straight a bit of a strop afterwards and it seemed to cut well on my arm hairs when I tested it. I’ll probably be a bit more adventurous over the weekend with the straight and watch a few YouTube videos.

I finished off with a good splash of the Baby Blue aftershave which felt and smelt nice too. Nice little tingle of menthol to cool off a bit.

Overall a very nice shave with some new bits that I’m glad I picked up.

Grandstaff Holy Smokes and trying a Straight Razor


3P Preshave
Synthetic Brush
Grandstaff Holy Smokes
Straight Razor
Feather Pro (6)
Myrsol Plastic Shave Aftershave

First attempt with the straight razor I won in a competition held by I’ve only used the feather artist club prior to this and didn’t really get on well with that. Maybe I was jumping in too fast previously so today I just started by doing my cheeks and switching to the mongoose for the rest of my shave. That seemed to work better for me and I escaped without any injuries!

Another use of the synthetic brush I’m testing and it delivered again today with the great grandstaff soap. The scent is a really nice floral tobacco type scent which is really strong, one of the strongest scented soaps I’ve ever used.

Really great performance from this soap that is hard to come by these days. The lather seems perfect in every way and it felt like there wasn’t even a blade in the mongoose.

The result today was a very nice close shave with no drama at all and I really enjoyed the grandstaff soap.

The scent of the soap was still hanging around after the shave so I followed up with a good splash of the Myrsol Plastic Shave which is one of my favourites and leaves your face nice and soft with a refreshing hint of menthol.

A little bit of Gusto

Trumpers Lime Skinfood
Plisson Synthetic brush
Soap Commander Gusto
Feather Pro (5)
Soap Commander Gusto balm

So indecisive today on what to use so I let my son choose. The boy done well choosing Soap Commander and the Plisson.

I left a little water on the soap and soaked the brush while I showered and in an attempt to use up the skinfood applied a good amount to my wet face as a preshave.

Lathered up the soap with the Plisson and probably didn’t quite add enough water at first but that was soon corrected dipping the tips of the brush a few times.

After using the Stirling brush for the last few shaves the Plisson felt quite small and lacking a little backbone. None the less it still produced a great lather and more than enough for three passes.

This soap smells great and the lather is very nice, thick, rich and slick. Soap commander is definitely my favourite soap and it’s hard to believe it’s a vegan soap as the lather has all the qualities of a good tallow soap. Post shave feel is also excellent and isn’t at all drying like some vegan soaps which I put down to the shea butter.

Again an effortless shave from the Mongoose paired with the Jürgen Hempel Titanium handle. This blade is showing no signs of giving up as yet.

I finished up with the matching Soap Commander Gusto balm to continue the great scent and give me my menthol fix.

That’s me done for another day and ready to face the world again in the morning.

Weekend shaves with Catie’s Bubbles & Stirling Soap Co

I gave up on my months use of MWF as I seemed to be breaking out in spots and had got a little bored. Here are the shaves of my weekend

Trumpers Lime Skinfood
Stirling Synthetic Brush
Stirling Margaritas in the Arctic
Feather Pro (4)
Brut aftershave

Carrying on the mentholated shave from yesterday I went with the even chillier Margaritas in the Arctic for today’s shave. This is one cooling soap! Maybe a little less chilly than the Orange Chill Stirling soap I have but none the less a nice face freezer.

Today I have been hacking back the bushes in our garden and after working up a sweat and picking up a little sun so a nice cooling shave was in order.

3 passes with the mongoose went trouble free and left me very smooth. The post shave feel on the Stirling soaps is one of the best in my opinion making my skin feel even more smooth.

After all that menthol I didn’t need anymore cooling down so I reached for my bottle of Brut aftershave to finish off my shave. It’s a nice scent and quite cheap and easy to find in most stores. The scent reminds me of my dad when he was getting ready to go out when I was younger.

Trumpers Lime Skinfood
Stirling Synthetic Brush
Caties Bubbles Glacé Herbe
Feather Pro (3)
Fine Accoutrements Clean Vetiver

A really nice shave finally not using MWF. I picked up a full tub of the Glace Herbe recently after using a sample and today was the first time using it from a full tub.

Just as I remembered it from the sample, a really nice rich vetiver scent which lasts throughout the shave. The menthol kick on this soap is just about right for me.

Just a quick 2 pass shave with the mongoose was enough to look presentable before heading out the door.

That is after a quick splash of the Fine Clean Vetiver which paired perfectly with the soap and added to the cooling menthol feel.

To carry on the vetiver goodness for a little longer I put on some Guerlain Vetiver which I think the soap and aftershave are based on. Needless to say I smelt good for the rest of the day.

MWF shave no 7

Trumpers Lime Skinfood
Stirling Synthetic Brush
Feather Pro (2)
Alpa 378 aftershave

Another MWF shave today. I seem to be getting a few spots and a couple of ingrown hairs and I wonder if it’s related to the lanolin in the fat. It’s quite warm at the moment and my skin is naturally oily so I wonder if the moisturising properties of this soap are just too much for this time of year?

I managed to nick a few of the spots too today as well so I am putting thought to stopping using the fat for now. Anyone else has a similar issue?

The Stirling brush did a stirling job of lathering the soap (anyone see the joke, lol). I’m really liking this brush a lot, it just loads up soap really well and feels great on the face and the lather produced is really nice and creamy. The sheer size of it means there is plenty of lather for all 3 passes with some to spare and the flow through is just right. It seems more densely packed than the plisson but even with the higher loft has just a little more backbone to it as well.

Apart from the couple of spots nicked today there were no issues with the mongoose with a nice easy close shave delivered.

I finished off with a splash of the Alpa 378 aftershave which has a nice old fashioned scent similar to Irisch Moos with a touch of menthol. With all the Alpa scents they seem very traditional and I could see these being used in the 1930’s by all the dapper gents of the time. They have really nice skin care properties and the scents aren’t overpowering. I do sometimes find the Irisch Moos a little overpowering and cloying but it’s a great scent.

Anyway that’s me done for another day ready to face the final day at work this week.

MWF shave no 6

Trumpers Lime Skinfood
Stirling Synthetic brush
i coloniali rhubarb shave cream
Feather Pro (1)
Pinaud Clubman Vanilla aftershave

First shave back home after my few days away. It was nice to be shaving at home again. I did have my 5th MWF shave yesterday morning before I packed up to leave but had no time to post.

I’ve gotten a little bored of the fat’s scent so have been adding some of my lesser used creams to pep up the scent a bit. Today I used the i coloniali rhubarb cream which has a smoky scent and I think I detected a tiny bit of menthol too. I got this cream as part of a job lot of stuff I bought a while back and used it once and put it away as it wasn’t keen on the smokey scent. I quite liked the scent today though.

First use of the Stirling brush which was waiting for me on my return along with a few other shaving purchases including some of Shannon’s soaps which smell very nice.

The brush is huge and feels just like a giant plisson brush. I like this brush a lot after just one use, I’m very impressed.

I loaded up the brush for about 15 seconds from the MWF that had been soaking while I showered. I spread about 3/4″ of cream on my face and set to work face lathering. It took a few dips of water to get the lather where I wanted it and I soon had a huge amount of the thickest lather I’ve seen in a while.

The brush has really nice flow through and releases the lather nicely on your face. I’m thinking this might just edge my beloved plisson as my favourite brush.

I loaded up the Mongoose with a fresh feather pro blade and got a nice close shave in 3 passes. I was going to use a feather super blade but chickened out at the last minute and went with the pro blade.

I finished off with a splash of the Clubman Vanilla aftershave which always leaves my skin feeling nice. The scent is quite nice on this and I prefer it over the original Clubman scent but I wouldn’t say it’s strongly scented of vanilla but very nice all the same.