SOTD 22.10.15 & 20.10.15

3P preshave
Simpsons Duke 3 best badger
Razorock – Fresco
Schick Dial @ 7
Schick Twin blade (3)
Taylor of Old Bond Street St James aftershave

Still trying to stick to my 3 soap rotation, as hard as that may be. I’ve feel off the wagon a bit and bought a few soaps and razor handles yesterday but they were at a very good price.

Whipped up a nice larger with the Duke and Fresco combo today, this is a very underrated soap and definitely one I can recommend if you want to try out a good quality artisan soap. A word of warning though it’s a deep rabbit hole to get into and you’ll want to try them all, think of this as a gateway drug.

Nice slick lather with a fresh kind of scent with a touch of cool mint, definitely a nice scent in my opinion.

The Schick glided round my face with ease and left me with a near bbs finish.

Rounded off with a splash of the St James aftershave splash from Taylor of Old Bond Street. Again a really nice fresh and rich scent that lasts a good while and really does leave the skin with a nice soft feeling. The TOBS aftershaves leave a great post shave feel. If you ever get the chance to visit their shop in London make sure you have a good smell of their scents.

3P preshave
Stirling Synthetic shaving brush
Tiki Bar Soaps – The Captain
Gillette Red Tip
Gillette 7 o’clock Yellow (3)
Myrsol Formula C

This is the third soap of my three soap rotation, one with tallow! This is a very nice scented soap which has a cherry tobacco type scent but is quite sweet smelling as well.

Very good skin care from all the good ingredients in this soap, it leaves the skin feeling very well nourished.

Easy to whip up a really thick lather with the huge “kong” brush from Stirling Soaps. Very nice results with the Red Tip and again very close to a true BBS. The blade felt good throughout but I binned it after this shave just to not risk a bad shave. I have plenty of these blades so no point trying to squeeze another shave out of them. They were one of the first blades I bought in bulk and I remember getting quite a few shaves per blade back then.

Finished off with a sample of the Myrsol Formula C splash, good skin feel with no alcohol burn at all and a violet scent much like the old Parma Violets sweets you got as a kid. I never liked those sweets much and I couldn’t see me getting a full bottle, but if you do like them you’d love this aftershave.

Dr Jons Big Green Monster

3P Preshave
Duke 3
Dr Jons Big Green Monster
Red Tip
Gillette 7 o’clock Yellow (2)
Fine Platinum

Good shave again today from the red tip, bordering on BBS.

Good performing soap with lots of glide and residual slickness. The mint and basil overpower the lime and gives a slight menthol cooling feel.

I do find veggie soaps a touch drying but nothing the Fine aftershave couldn’t sort out.

TSN Flying Mango & Gillette Red Tip

3P preshave
TSN Flying Mango
Simpsons Duke 3
Gillette Red Tip
7 o’clock Yellow (1)
Floid Blue aftershave

Really good shave today with this new soap. It seemed amazingly slick with a lot of residual slickness, if all the Saponificio Varesino soaps perform like this I can see a few more being purchased. Nice scent too, kind of a green tobacco scent.

Got the red tip out today for a change of pace, really nice close shave with the gillette blade.

All finished off with some Floid Blue, this is a really nice aftershave right up there with my favourite Proraso splash. Well tomorrow I’ll be back to my rotation of 3 soaps in the hope of finishing one off before Christmas. Here’s hoping!

The first shave of summer

I guess someone forgot to tell the weather!

3P preshave
Simpsons Duke 3 Best Badger
St James Cedarwood & Clarysage shaving cream
Gillette US Aristocrat
Gillette Swede (3)
Floid Vigoroso aftershave

Missing an hour after the clocks going forward today so I’ll keep this post short.

First try of the St James cream today and I’m impressed with it so far. It’s a really slick cream that lathered up quickly and easily with the Duke. It’s got a very nice scent too.

Quick 3 passes and a splash of the Floid and I’m ready to face another week of work.

Ye Old Strop Shoppe Barbershoppe shave

3P Pre Shave
Simpsons Duke 3 in Best
Strop Shoppe – Barbershoppe
Standard Razor
Personna Lab Blue (3)
TOBS St James Aftershave

Second try of the Strop Shoppe special edition shaving soap loaned to me by a shaving buddy. It lathers easily but I just don’t find the lather explodes into a thick rich lather like some of my other soaps I have used recently.

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