Goodbye J Peterman

Today was my second and final shave with the J Peterman 1903 cream before returning it with some goodies for my friend to try. I’ve also fell off the not buying shaving stuff wagon as I ordered a tub of the Proraso Red pre shave cream yesterday from shavelounge. I also bought a bottle of British Sterling aftershave off eBay as I heard it’s goes well with Caties Bubbles LPV. Apart from an Omega S brush in the near future I’m hoping to get back on the wagon, for a couple of months at least.

Anyway on to today’s shave…

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J Peterman 1903 + Standard Razor = BBS

The BiG Shave LE Super Silvertip Badger Brush
J Peterman 1903 Shaving Cream
Standard Razor – Black
Personna Lab Blue (1)
J Peterman After Shave Balm

Very nice shave today with my newly acquired Standard razor. I had a quick shave with it yesterday but it was late so didn’t post a write up here.

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