Rubberset 49-3 Shaving Brush Restoration

I found this nice looking brush at a vintage market local to me inside an old travel kit.

Here’s what it looked like:


A bit bent out of shape where it was sitting in the travel kit but the handle was in good condition so I bought it.

After getting it home and giving the knot a soak it straightened out back to its original form.



But the knot just seemed too old to work up a good lather as the hairs just seemed brittle and almost creaky.

So I made the decision to seek out a knot and attempt my first brush restore. The handle was lightly sanded and stained. I felt that the lighter stain used wasn’t quite right so I went with a darker shade and once dry gave it a layer of wax and a polish up.


Knot out and stained and polished it was ready for a nice new Silvertip knot from Larry at whipped dog. I must say Larry was a great help to me in selecting a knot and choosing what loft height to go with. Shipping was really fast from the USA to UK and the knot looked very good quality.

So here is what the end result looks like with a 24mm silvertip knot at about a 48mm loft.


The wax finish didn’t play well with water so it had to be refinished with some varnish. I actually think it looks a lot better with the mahogany finish.