I am based in the UK and thought it may be helpful for me to share my thoughts with you via this blog.

I have been traditionally wet shaving since 2010 and have gone from using my faithful Edwin Jagger DE89 to amassing quite a few razors, all of which I enjoy using. More recently I have been enjoying some single edge razor shaves from Schick Injectors and even the Cobra Classic and Mongoose razors.

Even before I joined some of the shaving forums I seemed to have got a fair few shaving creams, but after joining and participating in the various forums, this has snowballed. I find these days I prefer a soap over a cream especially some of the artisan soaps which are being produced. It does seem like there are a lot of new artisan soap makers appearing every month, which means my soap stash is growing and growing.

Brushes seem to be another thing I’ve gotten into. I’m pretty sure they must be breeding as they keep multiplying! I have badger, boar and synthetic at the moment but have never tried a horse hair brush.

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