Soap Review – Wickham 1912 Frankincense

Wickham 1912 Frankincense is a vegetal soap produced in the United Kingdom by a small artisan soap maker.

This is a fairly hard soap that I imagine will last quite some time. The scent is nice and very fitting for autumn and winter use.

Below are my thoughts and as ever in the wet shaving world, your mileage may vary.

Shave 1

Yaqi Badger Brush

Blackland Sabre level 1

Gem Blade (3)

I loaded up for about 50 seconds in total, 30 with a damp brush, dipped the tips in water and loaded for another 20 seconds. This was more than enough to adequately load the knot with a decent amount of soap. That may sound a lot but I have hrs water and there is no point scrimping on soap.

I face lathered and as I added water as I went along it absolutely exploded into lather. The volume was good and the slickness was also very good, but I found not much residual slickness remained after a stroke of the blade across the skin.

I proceeded to take three passes and towards the end of the shave I began to feel like I was getting a bit of a rough shave with a hint of irritation. I had two previous shaves with this razor and blade combo with Stirling soaps prior to this and had no problems with irritation.

I thought perhaps the Wickham wasn’t all that protective but decided to try it again in my next shave. Post shave my face felt a little sore and a touch dry.

Shave 2

Yaqi Synthetic

Haircut and Shave razor

Gillette Black (1)

So after the previous shave this was going to be a quick two pass shave to keep me looking tidy for work. I loaded the synthetic knot up for about 30 seconds on total, 20 with a fairly damp brush and 10 after dipping the tips.

I face lathered again and had the same lather explosion after adding a bit of water and good slick lather with lots of volume.

Again I found that the blade feel was more prominent than previous shaves with this razor and I even picked up two weepers along the way.

Therefore I feel that a lack of protection is the only thing letting this soap down.


An easy to lather soap that produces a good slick lather, but lacks residual slickness and the level of protection from the blade is quite poor. I also found the post shave feel quite drying, but I do find this to be the case with coconut oil rich soaps.

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