Last few shaves…

…that I actually took photos of.

Restored Rubberset 49-3

Stirling Margaritas in the Artic

Gillette #58 Aristocrat

Gillette Yellow 7 o’clock

Alcolado Glacial

A face numbing shave when the heat was too much last week. I think this was the first use of the Aristocrat that I bought recently. I’ve been after one for a few years now and I’m quite impressed at how it shaves. Well worth the wait to find one for a good price.

Stirling Finest Badger

Chiselled Face Summer Storm soap and splash

Gillette Slim Twist

Another nice shave and the scent on this combo is very nice. As expected it’s a missy wet earth smell like fresh rain after a long summer dry spell. Something we are in need of in this heatwave, I’ve not seen it rain here in a few weeks.

Wiborg Anchor

Cobra Classic

Soapy Science Citrus Lolly

Luxury shave with the Wiborg and Cobra. Still liking the smell of this soap. Smells just like the little fizzy lollies you used to get years ago before the world got scared of sugar. We used to get lollies like these after going on a merry go round that the guy who ran it turned by a handle. Not seen one of those in a good few years.

I can’t remember what splash I used after this one.

Rooney Stubby 1

Phoenix & Beau Obsidian

CJB Kamisori

Gillette #58

Figaro Splash

I used the Kamisori for three passes on Saturday which went well but left me a little irritated. I thought I’d just have the one WTG pass with the Kamisori on Sunday and finish up with the Gillette for the two other passes. Really nice shave and lather from the Obsidian. The only criticism I have is that the scent is very light. I was hoping for something stronger, darker and more mysterious.

That was all for last week and I clearly didn’t get much of a chance to blog these individually with some deeper thoughts on each shave.

It looks like another hot week ahead with no end in sight. I hope you all have a good week and I’m off the think about what to use in my next shave.

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