LA Shaving Soap Co BBS-1


3P preshave 

Crown King Switchback 400

Strop Shoppe – Baker Street 


Gillette Super Stainless (1)

Fine Fresh Vetiver

My first proper shave using this razor after one rushed attempt previously. I used a fresh blade and worked up some very nice Strop Shoppe lather. This razor is quite different from the Wolfman I used previously. It has a different face feel, mainly I think as the blade is held at a slightly flatter angle. I would say it doesn’t feel quite as smooth as the Wolfman, but only by a very small margin. The end result though is very close, but without any irritation. 

Overall a very good first impression with only a few patches where the shave isn’t perfect but I’m putting that down to getting used to the angle. 


3P preshave

Brad Sears Manchurian 30mm Beehive


Gillette SS (2)

Fine L’Orange Noire 

I didn’t quite get the time again for a full shave tonight so I had to make do with two quick passes, just to look presentable for work the next day. I think this just made the efficiency of this razor shine as my cheeks were pretty much BBS and probably a few touch ups and it would have been perfect. I really like this Route 66 soap I picked up in a trade. Nice scent, easy to lather with really nice slick protective lather. If I hadn’t have read the ingredients I’d have thought it was a tallow soap, great creamy lather that wasn’t drying on the skin. I kept getting blasts of the orange scent from the soap throughout the evening even through the Fine Accouterments aftershave. 


3P preshave 

Morris & Forndran 2XL

Razorock Fresco


Gillette SS (3)

Floid Blue aftershave 

Another good shave although the blade felt like it was nearing the end of it’s life. The M&F brush whipped up a ton of lather with plenty left to spare after three passes. I’m liking this razor but it still doesn’t feel as smooth as the Wolfman. 


3P preshave 

Duke 3

Razorock Fresco


Polsilver SI (1)

Brut Alaska

Final shave with the BBS-1 and I’m still not a fan. It has a aggressive feel on the face and it feels to me that the blade seems to chatter quite a lot. Definitely not as smooth as the Wolfman, I thought it might have been the blade prior to using the Polsilver. Still a good result but just not the most comfortable. 


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