Wolfman and Castle Forbes Lime


Trumpers Lime Skin Food
Thater 4125/1
Castle Forbes Lime Cream
Wolfman WR1
Sputnik (1)
Castle Forbes Lime Balm

This was my tenth and final shave with the Wolfman and much like all the others the end result was very close.

It’s a very nice razor and the finish is flawless and really shiny. I compared the finish to one of my ikon polished heads and you can really see the difference in the mirror finish between the two.

The shave is very smooth feeling in use and also very efficient. My ikon SB is a pretty aggressive shaver and it feels aggressive in use but after using it between Wolfman shaves last week it didn’t shave me as close as the Wolfman. It feels like the blade is held very firmly so there is minimal blade chatter. I haven’t found it to be fussy with any of the blades I used while trying it out.

Onto the software for this shave, I hadn’t used the Castle Forbes cream for quite some time but as it’s summer what better scent to use. The Thater whipped up tonnes of lather and the slickness and cushioning was excellent, I can see why this cream gets such good reviews.

Post shave my skin did feel a little dry but I find this happens more after using creams than soaps. A small amount of the matching Castle Forbes balm and my skin was feeling good again.

All in all a good shave and the Wolfman will now be going back to my friend. The price is the only thing holding me back from getting one at the moment. I’ll have to see how life post Wolfman pans out before I think about buying one, I’ve just got delivery of the ATT slant heads to try out an I’m hoping they will be just as good.


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