Cobra Classic – Lebelle Honey Crisp

3P preshave
Shavemac Silvertip
Lebelle – Honey Crisp
Cobra Classic
Feather Pro (3)
Razorock Baby Blue aftershave

Well the Darwin has gone so up steps my most recent buy the Cobra Classic. This razor delivers one hell of a close shave.

I had two days growth to get rid of, and it seemed a lot heavier than usual to look at. The first pass mowed it back to a socially acceptable level straight off. The final two passes got me 95% BBS apart from a few troublesome areas.

I don’t use the Lebelle soap enough and I should probably own more than one as they really are top shelf soaps. I liken the lather produced to Tabac and the scent on this one is a nice sweet, but natural apple scent.

To finish off I had a splash of the Razorock baby blue aftershave which with its sweet citrus scent paired well with the soap.

Overall a brilliant shave which has me keep feeling my face!


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