Darwin Shaves part 1

Shave 1
3P preshave
Midas Custom Rubberset
Caties Bubbles Glacé Herbe
Darwin Deluxe
Sputnik (1)
Fine Clean Vetiver aftershave

First try of the Darwin and this is one nice little razor. When I first opened the package with the razor in I was surprised with the size of it. Seeing it in photos it always looked bigger than it actually is.

The thing I noticed as I went to shave with it was the handle and at first I thought it would be too thin in the concave parts but it really is the perfect fit for my hands. The curves fit my hand perfectly and I always felt in control with it during the shave.

It’s a real smooth shaver and the end result was nice and close. I can’t imagine how this razor didn’t make more of an impact on the market at the time, maybe it was quite expensive?

All in all a great maiden shave with some top notch software.

Shave 2
3P preshave
Midas Custom Brush
Darwin Deluxe
Personna 74 (1)
OSP aftershave tonic

Another impressive shave. I was given the Personna 74 blade a while back and figured if any razor deserved to use it, this was the one. This blade is known in the wetshaving world to be extremely long lasting with some people getting 30+ shaves from a blade. It certainly seemed sharp and very smooth on this first try out so it will be interesting to see how long it lasts for me.

Great new soap from OSP with a herby lavender scent with a nice cooling touch of menthol. The splash has an even more intense menthol hit and leaves the skin feeling good.

Shave 3
E-shave Lime preshave oil
Simpsons Duke 3
Dandy Gent Lime Shaving Cream
Darwin Deluxe
Personna 74 (2)
TOBS No 74 Limes aftershave

I’ve test lathered this cream a couple of times ahead of today’s shave, but today was the first time I’ve actually used it for a shave. It provided good glide and cushion and has a nice lime scent which wasn’t too strong or too weak.

The Darwin tames the sharp Personna blade well and after 3 passes I’m 95% BBS, which will do me.

I finished off the lime theme with a splash of Taylor of Old Bond Street’s No 74 Limes aftershave. There is something about TOBS aftershave that leaves my skin really smooth feeling.

Shave 4
Paladin Falstaff
Strop Shoppe Alpine Frost
Darwin Deluxe
Personna 74 (3)
Proraso Sandalwood aftershave

First use of the Paladin brush and I like it a lot. Just the right amount of backbone, cloud like softness at the tips and excellent flow through.

Another breeze of a shave with the Darwin. This has got to be one of the best razors I’ve ever used.


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