OSP – Special UKWSS Edition soap and splash

The Dandy Gent facial scrub
3P preshave
New Forest Tubby 1
OSP – UKWSS Herb Garden soap
Above the Tie H1
English Wilkinson Sword (2)
OSP – UKWSS Herb Garden aftershave tonic

First try tonight of the newest OSP soap with their first aftershave tonic. Also the first try of the New Forest brush which just arrived today.

The usual great OSP soap performance with a nice hint of menthol. The scent is really nice on this one with lavender and herbs, quite a strong scent too. On opening the tub you are hit with a very natural English lavender scent which is strong at first but once lathered moves towards the back while the herbs and mint scents come to the front. Super slick protective lather from this one, whipped up with ease with the tubby. The menthol hit on the soap is just right for me, not a face freezer like some of my other soaps but just enough to cool and give you a tingle.

A fairly uneventful shave with the ATT mowing down anything in it’s path effectively. The old vintage blade is still going strong and feels nice and smooth. The lighter Jurgen Hempel handle tends to make for a nicer balance with the aggressive H plate as well. The end result is nice and close.

3 passes done then onto the new splash. It matches the soap well and has a nice menthol hit which grows. It’s got more of a kick than the soap and probably a touch more than my usual menthol splashes bar the Osage Rub, nothing is that chilly after all.

Overall a very nice cooling refreshing shave and my skin feels good.


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