Rocnel & Shaver Heaven – 1st Anniversary

Vitos Preshave
Brad Sears Shaveworks S8 Manchurian
Shaver Heaven – 1st Anniversary
Rocnel on Jürgen Hempel Ti handle
Polsilver SI (2)
Floris JF aftershave

Second shave with the Rocnel today and I used a lighter, longer handle which seemed to improve things for me. The stock handle is a nice heavy well made handle I’ll definitely be using on some of my other heads as well.

I saw a video last night of some Australian guy trying to use the Rocnel and saying it was one of the worst razors ever. I think his main problem was he hadn’t fitted the blade right as you have to make sure it’s pushed right the way back before breaking off the tabs so the blade is secure. The other thing that didn’t help was his poor technique but hopefully he’ll develop that in time. Seems these days you just have to give someone a camera and an opinion and they are a shave guru 😜

Mini rant over and on to the shave this soap is brilliant and has such a good scent, very fresh and summery and reminds me of the sort of scents I wore on long forgotten sunny holidays abroad. All whipped up with the BSSW manchurian brush which is pure luxury to use. I really need to try out the new shaver heaven tallow formula.

Overall a very nice close shave from the Rocnel all finished off with a splash of the Floris aftershave. I kinda wish I had the matching EDT.


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