Review: The Dandy Gent range

I was contacted by The Dandy Gent to sample some of their range of shaving products. The brand looked interesting and they are UK based so I thought I would give it a try. Soon after this big parcel arrived:

Containing a facial scrub, shaving cream, shaving brush, aftershave balm, 2 aftershave splashes, a shaving oil and a beard shampoo bar. They are all nicely presented in thick glass jars which are brown tinted and very sturdy feeling lids.

Facial Scrub
The first thing I used and I like it. It is an apricot scented scrub with very fine exfoliating parts which are made from fragments of walnut shells, so they don’t have those controversial plastic beads which are bad for the environment. The scrub seems to have a moisturising effect on my skin and leaves a slick feeling behind when washed off, which can only be good for the glide of the blade over my face. I’m not usually one for using scrubs often but I keep reaching for this one.

Aftershave Splash
Ive used both the Bay Rum and the Classic 47 splash. My favourite is the Classic 47 with the spicy scent which reminds me in parts of Spice Bomb. My friend is more of an expert when it comes to Bay Rum scents and has tried many and he thinks the Bay Rum is up there with the best he has tried. It’s a nice splash that leaves my skin feeling good after a shave.

Aftershave Hydrating Gel
I’m not a big fan of balms in general but this gel was pretty good. Soothing with that greasy feeling of a thicker balm. Quite a nice scent which didn’t stay too long so it wouldn’t interfere with your EDT / cologne.

Lime Shaving Cream
I was quite impressed with this cream when I used it. A nice natural lime scent that wasn’t too overpowering. I just scooped out a small amount and spread it around my face before lathering it up with a brush. Good cushion and glide from this cream and certainly a match for the 3 T’s creams I’ve tried.

I haven’t tried the shaving oil or the beard soap yet. I’ll update this post when I do but I’m sure they will reflect the good performance of the rest of the range.


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