One Blade and Beaver Woodwright- Black Beard

Vitos Preshave
Thater 4125/1 2 band fan
Beaver Woodwright – Black Beard
One Blade Razor
Despined Gem (1)
PAA Miami Libre aftershave

My second shave with the one blade and it’s an interesting razor with it’s pivoting head. First try was with the intended blade, the feather. I found that blade was dulling by the last pass, but I had the closest shave I can recall on my cheeks and about average on my neck. I did end up with a few razor bumps the following day though.

The despined Gem blade seemed much better to me, and stayed sharp throughout the shave. A better result on the neck but not as close on the cheeks. I’ll take that if it means I don’t get any razor bumps tomorrow.

The Beaver Woodwright soap lathered up very nicely and was thick and slick with plenty of protection. The post shave feel was also very good. The Black Beard scent is bay rum and lime, and I liked it. I’m not the biggest bay rum fan so tend to like something else mixed in and the lime was just what was needed to freshen the scent up a bit.

A quick splash of the PAA Miami Libre and I feel like Tony Montana. A nice minty mojito type scent with a rich cigar note to follow. The cooling menthol feeling hangs around for a fair while too. This is just a sample from a friend, I wish it was easier to et these splashes in the UK.


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