WSP Formula T – Tobacco Tuesday

Vitos Preshave
Shavemac Barber 2 band silvertip
WSP Formula T – Tobacco
Futur @ 3.5 setting
English Wilkinson Sword (2)
Pinaud Clubman Vanilla aftershave

This was the second shave with this vintage wilky blade in the Futur and both have been really great close shaves. I struggled with the Futur a bit at first but now seem to have got in the groove with it and am really liking it.

The WSP tallow soap is a great performer and really smells nice too. It’s a nice green tobacco and bay type of scent which I like a lot and the post shave feel with the tallow is much better for me over the rustic soap which dried my skin a little.

The Clubman Vanilla aftershave seemed a good match for the soap and really has a nice scent, I’ll definitely get another bottle once this one is gone.


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