SOTD 04.04.16 – 12.04.16

Vitos preshave
Morris & Forndran Chief
Barrister & Mann Cheshire
Stahly head on ikon handle
Gillette Super Stainless (2)
Fine L ‘Orange Noir aftershave

Nice quick 2 pass shave just to tidy up a bit. My shave on Sunday was quite early in the day so I was looking scruffy. First use of the new B&M soap and it’s a nice refreshing lavender scent with some black tea in there too. I don’t own many lavender scented soaps so it makes a nice change. Good thick lather too.

Morris & Forndran Chief
Van Yulay Puros la Habana
Standard Razor
Gillette Super Stainless (3)
Proraso aftershave

This wasn’t a great shave and I’m not entirely sure why. I think the blade failed me early on which is unusual for these blades. I can always get a minimum of 3 shaves from one but this one went south fast. I’m not sure I dialled in this soap either, the lather seemed fairly flat. Nothing like the thick B&M lather from the night before. I’ll go back to this soon and give it another go but it wasn’t all that impressive to me on the first use.

Vitos preshave
Brad Sear Shaveworks S7 26mm finest
B&M Diamond
Razorock Slant
Lab Blue (1)
Myrsol Antesol

Most of this shave was items loaned to me by a friend, some nice stuff here. I wanted to see how the finest badger hair compared to the manchurian hair. It’s still very nice but I’ll need a few shaves to see how it compares.

The Barrister & Mann Diamond soap is an interesting scent, first smell reminded me of cutting the grass in the garden. In use it develops into an interesting scent which is supposed to be like being at a baseball game. Leather, caramel popcorn and even beer are mixed in with the freshly cut grass scent. The performance was very nice too, slick this tallowy goodness.

First try of the slant as well, it’s quite light feeling and I felt it was a little difficult to find the right angle at first. I’m still not sure I’ve got it right. The head is quite a bulky thing but I managed to get everywhere with it ok.

I finished off with a splash of Antesol, a nice splash from Myrsol, probably my favourite of the ones I have used.

3P preshave
Wolf Whiskers
CRSW Puro Fresco
Razorock Slant
Lab Blue (2)
Fine American Blend aftershave

First try of the CRSW Puro Fresco and the lather was really good. I think I’ll like this soap a lot. Still struggled with the slant so I’ll try another blade next time around as it didn’t seem sharp enough so a bit tuggy.

The Dandy Gent facial scrub
Morris & Forndran Chief
Brutalt Bra shaving soap
Razorock Stealth Slant
Sputnik (1)
The Dandy Gent Classic 47 splash

Final shave with the chief before I send it back to my friend. I really did enjoy using this brush and the face feel was nice and soft and luxurious.

I was sent a few samples by The Dandy Gent who are based in the UK and have a range of shaving products that can be used from start to finish in a shave. I’ve had a few tries of the facial scrub which has a nice apricot scent and uses crushed walnut shells to exfoliate the skin rather than those controversial plastic balls. So far it seems very nice stuff and I’ll do a further report once it’s been used a bit more. The Classic 47 splash has a great scent and face feel too. I’m not 100% sure what the notes are in this scent but it’s very nice and I think it would appeal to all ages. The dry down reminded me of Spice Bomb in a way. A masculine yet fresh and modern scent which went down well with my wife which is always good.

Brad Sears S7 26mm finest
Van Yulay Puros la Habano
Feather Pro (6)
Brut aftershave

Quick 2 pass shave with the mongoose, no time for a photo today. I wanted to try the Van Yulay soap again before returning it to my friend. The post shave feel of this soap is great but I just didn’t enjoy the lather it generates and I found I needed to load a lot of soap to get a decent lather. It’s a very dense creamy lather but I just found it too flat for my liking, it reminded me of a brushless shaving cream and lacked the fun of whipping up a good lather as it seemed to form quickly and easily. Overall just not one I’d rush out and buy.

Vitos preshave
Brad Sears S7 finest 26mm
Mikes Natural Soap – Barbershop
Feather Pro (7)
Floid Blue aftershave

What can I say, Mikes is a great soap, truly top tier artisan soap with lots of slickness. It’s one of my top soaps and probably only second to Stirling for slickness. The barbershop scent is also very nice.

A great close shave from the mongoose finished off with a cooling splash of Floid. What better way to unwind after a hectic and draining day at work.


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