A trip to The Beach

Vitos Preshave
Wolf Whiskers
Razorock The Beach
Stahly on ikon SE handle
Gillette Super Stainless (1)
Trumpers Iced Eau De Cologne

Not literally but the soap sure smells like a holiday to me.

Back to using whichever soap I like again now monogamous March is over. I picked this soap up a few weeks back and have been wanting to use it ever since. It really is an unusual smelling soap that I just can’t really place one particular scent, it just smells like a holiday at the beach.

Really good performance from the soap, extremely slick lather with plenty of residual slickness left behind.

My new brush arrived from Wolf Whiskers while I was away and it really is a thing of beauty, pictures just don’t do it justice. Here is one of the photos Peter took
It certainly whipped up a good lather with the soap today and had a nice amount of backbone, I think this will break in nicely.

I came across this bottle of Trumpers cologne in an antiques shop whilst I was away. It smelt ok and was not too expensive so I bought it. Reading up online it seems to be discontinued and quite rare so I’m happy with my find. I decided to use it as an aftershave today and it left my skin feeling good with a nice fresh scent. I’ll have to get in touch with Trumpers and find out a bit more about this cologne.


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