The end is here…

Nuage preshave oil
Brad Sears S8 manchurian 26mm
Caties Bubbles La Terre Verte
Ikon 102 with Bulldog handle
Polsilver SI (1)
Figaro Monsieur aftershave

I’m away from home for a few days but didn’t have to put any thought into what soap to pack, razor and aftershave were the harder decisions this time around.

I’m actually enjoying using this soap consistently and seem to have the lather dialled in to just how I want it.

The new Brad Sears brush suits me perfectly and I think I’d happily just use this as my only brush if I had too. It’s just so soft on the face with no scritch at all. The Manchurian hair seems to have the backbone to load up and make a great lather as well but also releases it nicely. The knot has bloomed out well and the size of the 26mm knot means it holds ample lather for my three passes with plenty left behind.

I always get a drama free shave from the ikon 102 head and the polsilver blade is probably one of my favourite blades, sharp and smooth and I usually get a good 4 shaves from a blade.

I like the figaro aftershave and seeing as I had decanted some to a smaller bottle it made sense to put it in my travel bag to take away.

Monday & Thursday

Same as the above, I travelled pretty light this time around. 16 shaves in total with the LTV this month.

So that’s the end of my monogamous March shaves and as I go into April I’ll finally get to use some of these new soaps I have gotten recently. So what have I learnt over the last month of shaves?

I still like the scent of this soap a lot, even after extended use. It’s right up there with my favourite scents. I wish there was an EDT like this, I’d certainly buy it. The scent is listed as oakmoss, sandalwood and patchouli. I’ve definitely got a weakness for all three of those individual scents but the way they are mixed in this soap is incredible. It’s fresh and sweet and green and has got to be in my top 5 soap scents.

Performance is as you would expect from Caties Bubbles soaps, slick, protective lather that is very easy to make. It’s very tolerant of water and has quite a wide sweet spot.

This is an 8oz tub of soap and I have put a small dent in it using this month but there are still a few months left in this tub so it is a very long lasting soap.

Now the big decision is what soap to use next?


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