Monogamy or monotony?

Swagger and Jacks preshave oil
Shavemac Silvertip
Caties Bubbles La Terre Verte
Mongoose with Windrose handle
Feather Pro (3)
Barrister & Mann Barristers Reserve aftershave

Back to the monogamous shaves with Caties Bubbles La Terre Verte, had a really nice lather from this brush. The loft is quite high so it feels a lot more luxurious than my other shavemac brush. Different handle for the goose today, quite a nice one actually for the price. I’m thinking I need to try the feather super blades to see if they can get a slightly closer shave for me than the professional blades.

I tried out the sample of the new barrister and mann aftershave and it’s quite nice. Like an old school scent similar to original Floid to me.

Vitos preshave
Swagger & Jacks preshave oil
Crown King Switchback 400
Caties Bubble La Terre Verte
Feather Pro (4)
Fine Accoutrements Fresh Vetiver

Really good results with the above today. I used some of the vitos after washing my face with some soap in the bath and left that on till I got out and put the oil on. I’m not sure if it was a freak coincidence or just the extra prep? I’ll try this again soon and see how it goes.

I was still thinking I need to try the feather super blade and even thought this blade was a little tuggy feeling which is a bit early for one of these blades to go blunt. I hear about people getting 20+ shaves from a blade but 10 is pushing it for me. It seemed after the first pass the blades glided a lot better so maybe it was an initial lather issue.

New brush today as I’ve always wanted one of the rubberset 400 brushes but wasn’t willing to pay the high prices these fetch these days. The crown king version seemed great to me with the plisson style knot. Great lather whipped up in no time.

I can finally see the end of monogamous March and it will be great to try out some of the new soaps I’ve acquired recently. I’ve been trying to use a different brush for each shave and I’ve done that so far and could probably make it to the end without doubling up but as I’m going away over Easter I’ll just take one with me to save packing space!

Luckily I’ve just got a new brush from Brad Sears that looks great so deciding what to pack should be easy enough. Speaking of which here is the new brush in all its glory.
I can highly recommend Brad to anyone that is looking for a good quality brush. It was a joy working with him on this new custom brush and his customer service and commitment to detail are unrivalled to me.

I know I’m going to like this brush a lot!

E Shave preshave oil
Brad Sears S8 Manchurian badger brush
Caties Bubbles La Terre Verte
Mongoose B2 with Windrose handle
Feather Pro (5)
Floid Blue aftershave

Only a week left of monogamous March and I’ve quite enjoyed sticking to the one soap. I’m probably going to have a big blow out and use all the new soaps I’ve gotten since the beginning of the month but I’m quite keen to use my soaps on a longer basis to see how they perform in depth.

First use of this brush today and I like it a lot. Really soft on the face and it just feels like pure luxury to me. It’s bloomed well as you will see from the photo and is a nice big knot on the face which holds plenty of lather. It’s no lather hog either and has good flow through. For me it’s pretty much perfect. That rounds off a pretty good week for me.

Enjoy the Easter weekend and eat plenty of chocolate eggs!


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