Can I be monogamous?

Thater 4125/1
Caties Bubbles La Terre Verte
Gillette Aristocrat Junior
Gillette Super Stainless (3)
Brut AS

There’s a lot of talk about wetshavers having a monogamous month of shaving in March where they are either sticking to one compete setup of soap, brush, razor, blade and aftershave. Others are just sticking to one thing like a particular soap. I don’t think I’ve got the willpower to keep to one thing for a whole month but I’m going to see how long I can last out using the Caties Bubbles La Terre Verte soap.

I figure from previous attempts like a month of Mitchells Wool Fat and Tabac where I have failed I need to pick something I really like. I did do nearly 3 weeks with Tabac before I crumbled and used something else. This will be hard and I’m making no promises but am just going to ride it out and see how long I go. It could make for some really boring blog posts but seeing as I’ve not been posting so much really it might not make too much of a difference.

On to the shave.
Last weekend I found this old Gillette razor in a local antique shop and it looked in a sorry state but was a bargain price so I picked it up. It turns out that it was in much better condition than I thought and cleaned up really well. It even had the case with it. For a razor from the 50’s its held up really well and has probably been sitting unused for many years.

It had an old Gillette 7 o’clock blade still in it so I figured what better way to welcome it back into service that to use a modern Gillette 7 o’clock blade. The shave was really good, it’s not the first aristocrat I’ve used but it’s been a while since I used one and have been sticking to modern razors of late.

What struck me straight away was the weight of the head, this model has a heavy baseplate and quite a light handle so it’s a very efficient shaver. Still mild like most TTO Gillette razors but a really nice smooth efficient shave. I’m sure the head at least is rhodium plated and the glistening doors kept catching my eye during the shave. I bet this razor had a real luxurious feel to it when first used in the 50’s and probably cost a lot in comparison to other goods at the time.

The Thater is fast becoming one of my favourite brushes, it just suits me well and makes an amazing lather. It had no problems whipping up a great lather from the Caties Bubbles LTV soap. I really do like the scent on this one and it’s probably my favourite from Chris to date.

The scent is like a fresh Fougere with oakmoss and sandalwood, the lather is what you expect from a CB soap, slick and protective with a good post shave feel.

I finished off with a splash of Brut which rounded things off nicely.

Vito’s Preshave
The Big Shave LE silvertip badger
Caties Bubbles La Terre Verte
Gillette Aristocrat Junior
Gillette SS (4)
Alpa Fougere aftershave

So good last time I thought I’d do it again. Again a really nice shave delivered and the blade seemed fine on the fourth run out, I think I’ll push it for another one and see what happens.

I do like this brush and it’s been away in a box since moved. I figured it needed some love so I got it out the box and used it. It’s a silvertip badger so a bit softer than what I’ve been using of late but as the LTV soap is quite soft there was no issues loading up and getting a great face lather. The Caties Bubbles soaps are pretty foolproof for getting a good lather and seem to have a wide sweet spot with the amount of water you can use.

Some buffing to finish off were no problem for soap or blade and I finished off with some Alpa Fougere which matched the soap well if a bit more powdery. My wife says it just smells clean and soapy and she liked it so that’s a bonus. Well I guess time will tell if I can stay monogamous. To the soap that is.


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