OSP Neroli & ikon slant

Shavemac TSR Xmas LE
OSP Neroli shaving soap
Ikon slant
Polsilver SI (1)
Superdrug Sierran Breeze aftershave

This was Saturday’s shave but I’ve only just got a spare minute to write about it. Very nice compared to my previous shave using the gillette short comb new. I’m not totally sure why that shave was below par so I’m going to try the short comb with another blade, the new polsilver from yesterday. I’m hoping it was just a blunted blade, but have read the short comb isn’t as smooth as my beloved long comb.

Anyway back to yesterday’s shave above this was the second use of the OSP soap and Shavemac brush.

I wanted to be sure it wasn’t the soap that irritated my skin in the last shave and I’m pleased to report it wasn’t. I got a very nice slick lather from it and the on loan DLC slant is very nice.

No issues getting the blade in straight first time. I’ve been interested in trying out the slant as I like the 102 slant. It’s very similar in shave feel and result but has a bigger blade gap which stops the clogging I’ve had with the 102. Overall I’m not sure I’d get one over the 102 as they are just too similar.

3 passes left me with a nice smooth result which was finished off with a splash of the old cheapy superdrug aftershave with a few menthol crystals to pep it up a bit.


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