SOTD 26.01.16 – 31.01.16

3P Preshave
Shavemac 26mm 2 band silvertip
Saponificio Varesino TSN Flying Mango
7 o’clock long comb NEW on ikon tuckaway handle
Mem Super Silver Platinum (1)
Harley Davidson Fresh Spirit aftershave

Quite a tuggy blade this Mem blade.

Vitos Preshave
Whipped Dog 24mm High Mountain
Saponificio Varesino Felce Aromatica
7 o’clock Long Comb on ikon SE
Vintage English Wilkinson Sword (1)
Aqua Velva Ice Sport aftershave

Another great shave after changing blades. I really do like these Saponificio Varesino soaps. They perform just like a good tallow soap. Can’t wait to get the 70th Anniversary soap and aftershave next week for my birthday.

Vitos Preshave
Omega Mighty Midget
Stirling Soap Co Mogadishu Hope
Long Comb 7 o’clock on ikon SE
English Wilkinson Sword (2)
Floid Vigoroso aftershave
Pal Zileri Colonia Purissima EDT

I tried out this soap piffed to me by a friend of mine. Very impressive and a complex scent which I like. Great Stirling Soap Co performance whipped up with ease with the tiny Omega brush. The brush is still breaking in but gets the job done well.

Vitos preshave
Razorock Chubby Silvertip
CRSW Sandalwood
7 o’clock long comb
English Wilkinson Sword (3)
Versace Dreamer aftershave
Truefitt & Hill No 10 balm

Great shave from the above setup. This brush is so soft and luxurious feeling on the face. It really does give more expensive brushes a run for their money. This is probably about the third time I’ve used this soap but it is good stuff. I could barely feel the blade on my face and the glide was really good. A little drying after use but nothing the splash and balm didn’t sort out.


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