Dove Men + Shaving Cream

Proraso White Preshave
Rubberset 49-3 restored silvertip
Dove Men + Shaving Cream
Gem Featherweight
Gem (4)
Brut aftershave

A quick late night shave for me today. I thought I’d try out the Dove cream I saw out at the shops yesterday. I don’t often see a tub of shaving cream on the shelf of a shop so thought I’d pick it up to try.

It says it can be used with or without a brush and it has tallow listed in the ingredients so it surely couldn’t be that bad? Well actually it wasn’t. It had a pleasant scent and after adding a bit of water it lathered up quite nicely.

It seemed plenty slick and protective and got the job done with no issues at all. It was a bit difficult to wash off after the shave and left a really slick layer behind. Strangely my razor seemed cleaner than when I started with no white residue left behind.

Nice clean shave all finished off with a good splash of Brut. That’s me done for another day ready to face a new week.


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