Pannacrema Vetiver and Gem Featherweight

3P Preshave
New Forest 1901 2 band
Pannacrema Vetiver
Gem Featherweight
Gem (3)
Fine Accoutrements Clean Vetiver

Third shave on this Gem SE blade and I switched razor from the Clog Pruf to the Featherweight. A much more forgiving shave it seemed but a really close smooth result, pretty much BBS all over.

A soap I haven’t used for a while and it really is a good performer and I think the tallow and shea butter really give a good post shave skin feel. The only downside is the small tub, but that isn’t a problem with the 19mm New Forest badger knot. This is a great little brush and thankfully I have a new 2001 sitting in my drawer unused for when this one gives up on me. I reckon that’s a long time off though.

I thought I’d keep to the vetiver theme and finish with a splash of the Fine Clean Vetiver, all the fine splashes are great but I really like this one, second only to the American Blend.

To carry on the vetiver theme I had a few squirts of Tom Ford Grey Vetiver and went about my day doing a bit of shopping before the shops get to hectic with all the Christmas shoppers. I actually found a tub of Dove shaving cream around the shops today so I might give that a go tomorrow.


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