Mikes Vetiver


3P preshave
Thater 4125/1
Mikes Natural Soaps – Vetiver
Standard Razor
English Wilkinson Sword (4)
Fine Accoutrements Clean Vetiver aftershave

Amidst the storm they have named Barney here in the UK I had a really good shave with this new to me soap. It’s insanely windy outside, this storm is nothing like the big purple dinosaur.

On to the shave and I have to say this has gone right up there with my favourite shaving soap scents. On first sniff from the tin I wasn’t too sure but in use this smells great. A true vetiver scent which is dark, smokey and grassy. While using it I was reminded of Guerlian’s Vetiver EDT.

The performance was typical of a Mikes soap, you don’t often hear much from Mike, I guess he lets his soaps do the talking. It a no nonsense soap that is right up there at the top in performance for me, just a notch below Stirling in that all important (to me) slickness department. I have heard some people having issues getting a good lather from this soap but I think you need to know it’s a very thirsty soap.

My usual technique is to put some water on the puck while having a shower and then squeeze out as much water as possible. I then load up a good amount of soap then dip the brush tips in water and load some more. Then face lather adding drops of water along the way until you get a good thick slick lather with plenty of shine to it. The key thing I think is to slowly add water and work it into the lather. The sheen on the lather will tell you when it’s ready.

Good close results with the Standard and made in England Wilkinson Sword blade today, with the Mikes lather it felt like there wasn’t even a blade in the razor.

Rounded off the shave with more vetiver with a good splash of the Fine Clean Vetiver aftershave, great scent and nice big menthol hit. What better way to finish off a great shave.


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