Sweet Comb Chicago Shaving Soap


3P preshave
Stirling Kong synthetic
Sweet Comb Chicago Shaving Soap
Standard Razor
English Wilkinson Sword blade (1)
Floid Blue aftershave

First try of this new soap sent for review. The ingredients list is like a who’s who of great skincare ingredients and post shave my skin feels good.

It’s quite a hard soap but leaving it to soak while I had a shower meant it loaded easily with the Stirling synthetic brush.

A quick load of about 20 seconds and face lathering adding a little water at a time and I had a nice thick protective lather with plenty of glide.

The scent is quite light and natural smelling, hints of citrus and something quite sweet. Certainly not a synthetic scent and I’m told the scent comes from the flowers the honey bees collect their nectar from.

Overall a good soap I’d be happy to recommend. Check out the Sweet Comb Chicago website for more information. I even learnt a few facts about the bees reading through.

The Standard and Wilky blade combo delivered a BBS result tonight. Got my cooling menthol hit from the Floid Blue too


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