OSP Bay Rum shave

3P preshave
Thater 4125/1
Obsessive Soap Perfectionist Bay Rum
Standard Razor
Polsilver Stainless (4)
Home Made Bay Rum aftershave

Great shave today with this soap from a new UK artisan soap maker from London in the UK. Nice to see an artisan from the UK producing a quality soap.

I’ve picked up 3 of James soaps, the Neroli, Sandalwood and Bay Rum. I’d have to say my favourite scent is the Neroli and I’ve used all 3 now so have a good idea how it performs. I also was involved in testing out some of the previous versions of this soap when James was refining his formula.

Onto the performance of the soap, I’ve found that a damp brush loaded up with a nice amount of soap face lathered adding water along the way develops a nice thick, slick protective lather. The soap is quite thirsty and very tolerant of taking on a lot of water, even with my hard water. No issues loading or lathering this one, it’s pretty fool proof.

It’s quite a hard soap but you can put a dent in it with your finger, a soft hard soap or a hard soft soap.

The scent of the bay rum is very nice and prominent throughout the shave. I’m not the biggest bay rum fan but do like this one. It’ll be interesting to see what future scents James develops.

For today’s I used the Thater and got a great lather, the standard razor had no problems mowing down two days growth but I feel this blade has served it’s purpose and is now in the blade bank.

All finished off with a splash of my home made bay rum aftershave with a good strong menthol hit to round off a really nice shave.

If you’re looking to try out one of James’ soaps check out OSP soaps


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