SOTD 07.11.15


Thater 4125/1
Meissner Tremonia Salt Sea Sage
Above The Tie H2
Polsilver Stainless (2)
Clarins Aftershave
Joop EDT

I’ve used this paste a few times now and I just don’t think it performs that great. The scent is very unique and I quite like it with a strong camphor scent. The packaging is also very nice with a heavy glass jar and good quality lid. Even the lather looks good and thick. The problem is the performance of the lather it just lacks that slickness and protection I like and the lather is more fluffy with tiny bubbles rather than yoghurty and dense like my top performing soaps. I wonder if super lathering this would make up its deficiencies in the lather department.

It would probably be better with a milder razor than the ATT so I think I’ll be using it with milder razors in future.

Overall a nice close shave with no nicks or irritation but not the most comfortable with this lather.

I had plenty of lather left over in the Thater, this is a really good quality brush. Just looking at the perfection of the knot you can see the expert craftsmanship that goes into making it, a really comfortable handle too.

Finished off with a splash of the Clarins aftershave and a few squirts of Joop and I was good to go about my Saturday. Plenty of fireworks going off around here tonight on this rather mild November night.


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