Dr Harris Marlborough & ikon 102

SOC 2 Band Badger brush
Dr Harris Marlborough Shaving Soap
Ikon 102 Slant on Tuckaway handle
Sputnik (2)
British Sterling Aftershave

First go with the Marlborough soap, performs the same as the Windsor soap with a nice thick creamy lather, but with a subtle woody scent.

Tons of lather built up with the SOC 2 band brush. This brush has plenty of backbone and really soft tips. Definitely a great brush for the price.

I tried out the tiny Tuckaway handle with the 102 slant. On first look you wonder how such a small handle will work, but it does work really well and makes the razor easy to manoeuvre around your face.

Very smooth results all round with the sputnik on its second shave, these blades are cheap but very good. I almost want to stock up on more.

All rounded off with a good splash of British Sterling aftershave, a really nice scent which always reminds me of a cross between old spice and Trumpers Spanish leather.

All in all a really good shave. I went for a barbershop shave earlier this week and although the experience is very relaxing it just wasn’t as smooth as I can get at home, but obviously a much nicer experience than trying to use a shavette at home!


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