Razorock The Stallion

3P preshave
Rooney Emillion 1
Razorock The Stallion
Ikon 102 with SE handle
Sputnik (1)
Myrsol Plastic aftershave
AdP Oud

I forgot till I was mid shave that I had a sample of the AdP Oud, hence the change to an aftershave that wouldn’t hang around and clash.

First try of this soap and I love the scent. A really nice oud scent which is a dead ringer for the AdP Oud scent. The usual great razorock performance from this soap which looking at the label is the tallow version. Good post shave feel and not drying for me.

I picked up an ikon SE handle so paired that with the 102 slant for a nice easy shave with the new Sputnik blade. The handle gives some nice weight to the shave and a good length.

Finished with the Myrsol Plastic Shave for its fleeting scent so I could have a few squirts of the AdP Oud to continue the great oud scent of the soap.

All in all a very nice shave. Here’s the combined mailcall of this morning.
I’m looking forward to trying out all this stuff.


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